Texas continues to set new job records, with growth reported in 43 out of 45 months

Texas continued its impressive streak of job growth in January, setting yet another employment record. This marks the 43rd month out of the past 45 months in which the state has experienced an increase in employment.

Texas continues to break records, with the highest total number of jobs, the largest number of Texans employed, and the largest labor force in state history. This trend is consistent with the previous months, further solidifying Texas’ position as a frontrunner in economic growth and employment opportunities.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has recently made annual benchmarking revisions to the monthly employment data previously released by the Texas Workforce Commission.

The number of newly created jobs has been revised upwards, surpassing the initial reported figure.

Texas has achieved a significant milestone by reaching a record-breaking labor force of 15,143,400, marking the highest number in the state’s history.

Texas achieved a remarkable milestone by witnessing the highest number of individuals engaged in work, including those who are self-employed. The total number of people working in Texas reached an impressive 14,558,800.

In January, Texas experienced a surge in job growth, with a remarkable increase of 18,900 non-farm jobs. This boost propelled the state’s total job count to an all-time high of 14,053,400.

Texas experienced significant job growth from January 2023 to January 2024, adding an impressive 263,900 jobs, reflecting a 1.9% increase in employment opportunities.

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, the labor market in Texas experienced remarkable growth in January, with significant increases in jobs, employed Texans, and the civilian labor force. The report states that after annual benchmarking revisions, Texas saw a seasonally adjusted job count increase of 18,900 in January, bringing the total number of jobs to 14,053,400. This growth has been consistent, with Texas experiencing job growth in 43 out of the last 45 months.

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In January, the Texas seasonally adjusted civilian labor force expanded by 12,800 individuals, reaching a total of 15,143,400. During this period, 16,000 more people found employment, with the private sector contributing 14,000 new jobs, according to the TWC.

According to Governor Greg Abbott, Texas is thriving because of the hard work of its residents. He proudly states that more people are employed in the state now than ever before. Governor Abbott attributes this success to Texas having the best business climate in the country and a highly skilled workforce. As a result, Texas is witnessing unprecedented business expansion and job creation. Governor Abbott emphasizes the government’s commitment to creating opportunities for all Texans by making substantial investments in areas such as education, infrastructure, and workforce development. These efforts aim to build a prosperous Texas that will benefit future generations.

According to TWC Chairman Bryan Daniel, Texas remains at the forefront of job growth and economic stability. He also emphasized that the labor force in Texas is continuously enhancing its skills as it moves forward into 2024.

According to TWC Commissioner Representing Labor Alberto Treviño III, the agency is actively assisting Texans in acquiring the necessary training, guidance, and support to sustain the growth of our industry and maintain our position as the second-largest economy in the United States. The Texas Workforce System is dedicated to helping over 15.1 million individuals in the civilian labor force find employment and secure long-term careers.

In January, five out of the 11 major employment industries reached record highs. The Other Services sector experienced the most significant growth in the private sector, with an addition of 5,000 jobs. The Professional and Business Services industry also saw an increase of 4,400 jobs, while the Private Education and Health Services sector added 4,000 jobs during the month.

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Texas had a seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 3.9% in January, which was slightly higher than the national rate but lower than the rate recorded in January 2023 of 4.1%.

Texas emerged as the leading state in terms of job growth in 2023, surpassing all other states in the country. Month after month, it continued to add a significant number of jobs, outpacing the rest of the United States.

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