Terry Crews on Terrence Howard and other actors stepping out about unequal pay in Hollywood: ‘You Can’t Nod Your Head Yes And Mean No’

Terry Crews recently addressed the issue of unequal pay in Hollywood, specifically mentioning fellow actor Terrence Howard and actress Taraji P. Henson.

During his appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s show, Club Shay Shay, the actor was asked if he had ever accepted a role without receiving the proper compensation he deserved. In response, he acknowledged Terrence’s perspective but shared his own viewpoint, stating, “I’ve never viewed the money I received for a role as a horror story. If I chose to do it, it was because I loved it. However, there’s a saying that resonates with me – you can’t nod yes and mean no. When I agree to the terms, I take the time to consider them. So, if I say okay, I can’t later come back and complain about only receiving $4,000.”

50 Cent shares his reaction to Terrence Howard’s lawsuit against a talent agency over his low salary on ‘Empire’.

During the conversation, Terry Crews shared that he didn’t receive any payment for his role in Training Day, but it was a crucial step in his career. He emphasized, “I didn’t get anything for Training Day, how about that? I didn’t get a single dollar, but it had a life-changing impact on me. If it wasn’t for that unpaid job, you wouldn’t even know who I am.” This statement echoes Terrence Howard’s previous revelation in November, when he disclosed that he earned only $12k for his role in the successful movie Hustle And Flow.

During the conversation, the interviewer asked Howard if he was aware that the movie would become a hit. Howard, who admitted to not knowing much about the business at the time, responded, “No check this. I made $12,000 for doing Hustle & Flow, and then on top of that, what Paramount did was instead of putting my name as Terrence Howard performing the songs, they put ‘performed by DJay,’ which was my character’s role in the 2005 movie. Guess what? They owned DJay, so the performance royalties went to Paramount,” Howard explained.

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Terrence Howard Files Lawsuit Against Talent Agency Over Empire Salary

When the interviewer heard this information, he was taken aback and Terrence went on to express, “Now I have to take legal action against Paramount and send them a letter. I need to inform them that they owe me around 20 years’ worth of residuals and performance royalties, although I had no idea at the time. I was just trying to make ends meet.” He also revealed that he was only paid $6,000 for his role in the movie Crash. “The industry doesn’t compensate actors fairly.”

Terry Crews on Terrence Howard and Other Actors Speaking Out on Unequal Pay in Hollywood: ‘You Can’t Nod Your Head Yes and Mean No’

In a recent interview, Terry Crews, the well-known actor and advocate, shared his thoughts on the issue of unequal pay in Hollywood. Crews emphasized the importance of speaking out and taking a stand against this injustice, stating that simply nodding your head in agreement while secretly disagreeing is not enough.

Crews acknowledged the bravery of actors like Terrence Howard and others who have come forward to voice their concerns about unequal pay. He commended their courage in challenging the status quo and pushing for change in an industry that has long perpetuated disparities in compensation.

The actor emphasized that it is crucial for individuals to be authentic and true to themselves, even if it means facing backlash or going against the grain. He encouraged actors to stay true to their beliefs and not be swayed by external pressures or the fear of losing opportunities.

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Crews emphasized the need for transparency and open dialogue in addressing the issue of unequal pay. He expressed his belief that change can only be achieved through honest conversations and collective action. Crews encouraged actors to support one another and stand together in demanding equal pay and fair treatment.

Overall, Terry Crews emphasized the importance of speaking up and taking a stand against unequal pay in Hollywood. He highlighted the need for authenticity, transparency, and unity among actors in the fight for fair compensation. By sharing his own thoughts and supporting others who have spoken out, Crews continues to be an influential voice in advocating for change in the entertainment industry.

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