Suspect in masked crime spree may be charged with over 30 offenses in the Pacific Northwest

Jacob Dean Smart, the Astoria man, who was captured in the Port of Kalama on February 27th, after allegedly carrying out a multi-day crime spree across five different counties in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, had his arraignment in Cowlitz County Superior Court on Tuesday.

According to Cowlitz County Prosecuting Attorney Ryan Jurvakainen, Smart may face a total of 33 different charges spanning all three states. As of now, Smart is already facing 12 charges in Oregon, 9 charges in Idaho, and there is a potential for 12 more charges in Washington.

A 38-year-old man was apprehended after engaging in multiple police pursuits that culminated in a tense standoff at an industrial facility on Hendrickson Drive. The series of criminal activities in Washington began on February 24th, when the suspect, identified as Smart, allegedly broke into a residence in Longview. He proceeded to abduct and intimidate the homeowner before making off with their vehicle. Authorities point out that during some of these unlawful acts, Smart donned a distinctive mask.

According to Jurvakainen, Smart may be charged with several offenses in Washington, including first-degree kidnapping, burglary, and robbery. Additionally, charges of second-degree theft and burglary, third-degree false reporting, theft of a motor vehicle, harassment, and intimidating a public servant may also be brought against him.

In Idaho, Smart has warrants for his arrest on charges of grand theft (three counts), burglary (four counts), and trespass of privacy (one count) in Ada County. He is also facing one count of grand theft in Canyon County.

In Oregon, Smart is facing charges of 1st-degree burglary and theft, as well as three counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm. Additionally, Smart is charged with two counts of resisting arrest and third-degree escape, along with two counts of unauthorized use of a vehicle in Clatsop County. In Wheeler County, Smart is facing charges of 2nd-degree burglary, 3rd-degree theft, and 2nd-degree criminal trespass.

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During Tuesday’s hearing, Cowlitz County prosecutors urged Judge Thad Scudder to deny Smart’s bail, citing his high likelihood of fleeing. Agreeing with the prosecution, Judge Scudder ordered that Smart be held without bail until his upcoming bail hearing on March 1st.

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