Study says people leaving states like Illinois when moving to Tennessee

According to the Moving Migration Report, Illinois has held the title of the top state for outbound moves since 2014. For five consecutive years, Illinois has had the highest percentage of people leaving the state compared to those moving in, as stated in a study conducted by North American Moving Services.

The Allied U.S. Migration Report reveals that in 2023, the majority of moves in Illinois (63%) involved people leaving the state instead of relocating within it. This data highlights the persistent economic challenges faced by states like Illinois and California, leading to high outbound migration rates.

The number presented in this study is indeed staggering, but it is important to note that the total population of the state did not experience a significant decline.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the estimated population of Illinois in July 2023 was 12,548,689, slightly lower than the previous year’s count of 12,582,515. This indicates a difference of approximately 33,000 individuals. Back in 2010, the state’s population stood at 12,830,632.

California, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Washington complete the top five states with the highest percentage of people moving out.

Where are most Americans moving?

According to the study, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida emerged as the top states attracting the highest percentages of people relocating in 2023.

All five of these states have one thing in common: they are all warm weather destinations, as highlighted by the study.

According to a study, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina have consistently ranked in the top five since 2020. The study reveals that South Carolina and Tennessee are experiencing a significant influx of new residents from states such as California and Illinois.

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According to the reports, some of the top cities mentioned were Tuscon, AZ, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, Nashville, Tenn, and Raleigh, NC.

According to the study, these cities have a lot in common, such as affordable living costs and reasonable housing prices. What’s more, they all provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities throughout the year, thus enhancing the overall quality of life.

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