‘Stranger Things’ Actor Criticizes Protesters Preventing Jewish Students from Accessing Campuses

Brett Gelman finds the jarring imagery that has emerged from college campuses embroiled in pro-Palestine protests, including the blocking off of Jewish students, to be utterly disgusting.

Finn Wolfhard, the star of the hit series ‘Stranger Things’, was recently asked about the ongoing events at Columbia University and other educational institutions. He expressed his thoughts on the matter while at LAX on Tuesday. Specifically, he addressed the large gatherings and encampments organized by demonstrators who show solidarity with the situation in Gaza.

Protests spreading to the West: UCLA student allegedly blocked from entering campus

The wave of unrest that has swept across the nation has now reached the West Coast. At UCLA, one student was recently caught on camera being allegedly prevented from entering the campus by protesters. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the extent to which the protests have affected various parts of the country, including university campuses.

Brett, like many others, was taken aback when he heard the announcement that he was Jewish and facing discrimination because of his identity. He, too, finds this situation deplorable and joins the chorus of voices denouncing it.

BG is a firm believer in the value of free speech. However, he firmly draws the line when it comes to hate speech, considering it unacceptable.

He also emphasizes that if Black students or any other students from a specific minority group were facing the same kind of targeting that Jewish students are currently experiencing, there would be immediate outrage and these protests would be swiftly halted.

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According to him, society is turning a blind eye to the pain and suffering of Jewish students because of their Jewish identity. He believes that history is repeating itself in this regard.

The topic at hand is undoubtedly contentious, and it is evident that protests have caused some Jews to feel attacked.


With the increasing ugliness of these situations, one can only anticipate further deterioration before any improvement can be expected. Both sides involved appear stubbornly determined, and this matter is impacting the entire nation.

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