Special counsel intends to present controversial laptop as evidence in Hunter Biden’s firearm trial

Prosecutors intend to present Hunter Biden’s controversial laptop as evidence during an upcoming trial to support their case that the son of the president obtained a firearm illegally in 2018.

In a recent development, special counsel David Weiss has confirmed the authenticity of the defendant’s laptop, stating that it is indeed real. This crucial piece of evidence, which will be presented during the trial, holds substantial proof of the defendant’s guilt.

Hunter Biden entered a plea of not guilty to federal gun charges in October. According to prosecutors, he allegedly acquired a Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver and provided false information on a federal form regarding his drug usage during that period. Biden’s legal team stated that he possessed the firearm for eleven days but never discharged it.

The laptop has become a focal point of the legal and political turmoil surrounding the president’s son in recent years. Weiss’ office intends to utilize the laptop as evidence to suggest that Biden was under the influence of drugs when he purchased a gun in October 2018.

In his memoir, “Beautiful Things,” the younger Biden openly shares his personal struggles with drug use and the negative consequences that accompanied it.

Hunter Biden’s trial for gun possession is set to commence on June 3. He maintains his innocence and has pleaded not guilty to three felony charges.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys previously tried to prevent the laptop from being used as evidence, claiming that they had “numerous reasons to believe the data had been altered and compromised before investigators obtained the electronic material.”

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Weiss, in his response on Wednesday, asserted that Biden has not presented any evidence or information to support the notion that his laptop contains false information. He further emphasized that the evidence provided by the government actually contradicts this claim.

According to Weiss, it would be inappropriate to question the authenticity of his laptop as there is no basis for such doubts. Doing so could potentially confuse the jurors regarding the actual evidence relevant to the case.

The news broke on the same day that a federal judge decided to push back Hunter Biden’s Los Angeles trial on tax charges until September 5. This delay increases the possibility that a jury will be in the midst of deliberations regarding the president’s son’s potential conviction on numerous felony counts during the final weeks of the 2024 election.

Judge Mark Scarsi has granted a motion from Hunter Biden’s legal team to postpone the trial from June 20 to September. This decision provides them with sufficient time to prepare effectively.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys argued that holding a trial on June 3 would impede their ability to effectively represent their client.

During a hearing on Wednesday, Abbe Lowell, a lawyer representing Hunter Biden, stated that the assumption that Hunter Biden could handle both matters is becoming increasingly complicated.

The delay had been opposed by prosecutors in Weiss’ office.

In their court filings and reiterated during the hearing on Wednesday, they expressed their concern that a postponement would cause inconvenience to their office and the witnesses they had already summoned to testify during the scheduled June and July trial.

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Hunter Biden was charged by Weiss’ office in California in December. He is facing nine felony and misdemeanor charges related to his failure to pay $1.4 million in taxes over a three-year period. It is important to note that Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty to all charges, despite the allegations.

Hunter Biden’s attorney and confidant, Kevin Morris, has already taken care of settling the back taxes and penalties in full, as reported by ABC News.

The revised trial schedule increases the chances of Hunter Biden facing a trial just as many voters start voting. Both parties anticipate that the trial may extend up to six weeks, implying that jurors could be in the process of deliberating a verdict by mid-October.

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