South Carolina Traffic Rule 2024 Update: Understanding the Right Turn on Red Rule

Navigating traffic intersections smoothly and safely requires a clear understanding of right-of-way rules. This article delves into the specifics of South Carolina’s right turn on red rule in 2024, highlighting any recent updates and essential safety tips.

Right Turn on Red: The Basics

The right turn on red rule allows drivers to turn right at a red light after coming to a complete stop, yielding to all opposing traffic and pedestrians in the crosswalk. This rule, implemented in most U.S. states with varying nuances, aims to improve traffic flow while maintaining safety. However, it’s crucial to understand the specific regulations and exceptions in each state.

Understanding South Carolina’s Right Turn on Red Rule

South Carolina Code of Laws Section 56-5-55(b) governs right turns on red:

“Except as provided in this subsection, the driver of a vehicle facing a steady red signal at an intersection may, after coming to a full and complete stop and yielding the right-of-way to pedestrians lawfully within the crosswalk and to other traffic lawfully proceeding through the intersection, turn right on red, but shall yield the right-of-way to any traffic lawfully using the intersecting street.”

Key takeaways:

  • Stop completely before turning.
  • Yield to all pedestrians in the crosswalk, even if they haven’t started crossing.
  • Yield to all oncoming traffic, including those turning left.
  • Watch for special signs prohibiting right turns on red at specific intersections.
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Exceptions and Special Circumstances

Right turns on red are prohibited in certain situations:

  • At intersections with posted “No Right Turn on Red” signs.
  • When a separate right turn lane has a red arrow signal.
  • In school zones when flashing lights are activated.
  • Where visibility is obstructed, making it unsafe to proceed.

2024 Updates and Changes (if applicable)

As of February 2024, no significant changes have been made to South Carolina’s right turn on red rule. However, it’s always recommended to check for updates on the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Safety Tips and Best Practices

Always prioritize safety when making right turns on red:

  • Come to a complete stop and count to three before proceeding.
  • Use your mirrors and turn signals effectively.
  • Yield to pedestrians, cyclists, and oncoming traffic, even if they seem far away.
  • Be extra cautious at intersections with limited visibility or heavy pedestrian traffic.
  • Never turn on red if you feel unsure or uncomfortable.


Understanding and following South Carolina’s right turn on red rule is crucial for safe and efficient driving. Remember to prioritize safety, yield the right of way to others, and be aware of any exceptions or special circumstances. By following these guidelines and exercising caution, you can contribute to a smoother and safer driving experience for everyone on the road.

Additional Resources:

Please note: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Always refer to official government sources for the latest regulations and interpretations of traffic laws in South Carolina.

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