SNL Roasts Trump’s Bible Sales: ‘I’m Doing This For the Glory of God…And Mostly Money!’

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In a playful nod to the Easter season, Saturday Night Live took aim at former President Donald Trump’s fundraising tactics, specifically his sale of $60 Bibles.

“Take a look at this brand new Bible,” exclaimed actor James Austin Johnson, impersonating Trump. “It’s made entirely from pure Bible! As you all know, I absolutely love the Bible. It’s my favorite book, and I can assure you that I’ve definitely read it. One of my favorite parts is definitely the ending and how everything comes together.”

During the Easter season, the SNL Trump shared his reasons for selling Bibles.

“This Bible is truly one-of-a-kind. And now, you have the opportunity to own it for just $60. However, let me make it clear that my intention behind offering this Bible is not solely for financial gain. My primary motivation is to honor God, although I do acknowledge the aspect of appealing to a wider audience and, of course, the financial aspect as well.”

And, of course, he presents his sales pitch:

“But you’re going to love my new Bible, which I believe is even better than the previous one. It includes all the elements you enjoy from the Bible, such as the story of Easter that primarily focuses on Jesus, rather than the bunny. Although I was expecting the bunny to make an appearance, I realized that it was not part of the story. However, that’s perfectly fine.”

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In his speech, Johnson’s Trump made sure to highlight the illustrations in his Bible. These illustrations featured “Trump’s” face superimposed on the youthful and muscular body of Adam at the Tree of Knowledge.

“I find myself standing here in the Garden of Eden, in my own physical form!” he exclaims. “Interestingly enough, I believe I would have been quite adept at refusing the snake’s offer, simply because I have a distaste for fruit.”

President Joe Biden has outperformed Trump in terms of fundraising, demonstrating his prowess by raising an impressive $26 million through a high-profile event at Radio City Music Hall. This event was graced by the presence of esteemed former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

According to a report from The New York Times, President Biden’s re-election campaign concluded the month of January with almost $56 million in funds, further widening his financial lead over former President Donald J. Trump. In comparison, Trump’s campaign had approximately $30 million available at the end of the same month.

In addition to fundraising for the campaign, Trump is facing a significant financial burden due to numerous legal battles. Currently, he is obligated to pay a $175 million bond in his New York civil fraud case, which was initially set at nearly half-a-billion dollars. Furthermore, Trump had to provide a $92 million bond in response to the sexual assault case involving E. Jean Carroll, which resulted in defamation charges. To alleviate some of these financial pressures, Trump has resorted to selling various items, such as the $399 gold sneakers that were famously featured in a previous SNL skit.

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