Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 Damaged By Severe Turbulence, One Dead

Boeing has recently issued a statement expressing their readiness to assist Singapore Airlines in light of the unfortunate incident involving flight SQ321. They have expressed their condolences to the family who lost a loved one and have shared their thoughts for the passengers and crew on board the flight.

A Singapore Airlines plane experienced severe turbulence, causing it to plummet 6,000 feet. Unfortunately, this incident resulted in one fatality and more than 30 people sustaining injuries.

In this clip, you can witness the aftermath of the Boeing 777-300 jet encountering severe turbulence during its journey from London to Singapore on Tuesday. The turbulence was so intense that it compelled the aircraft to make an emergency landing in Bangkok at 3:45 PM local time. As you can see, the clip showcases the remnants of food and debris left behind by the turbulent episode.

According to FlightRadar24 tracking data, the Boeing jet experienced a rapid descent from approximately 37,000 feet to 31,000 feet within a span of just 5 minutes. This incident occurred over the Andaman Sea, approximately 11 hours into the flight.

Dzafran Azmir, a student who was on board the flight, recounted to Reuters that the airline began to tilt and shake before experiencing a sudden drop, causing those who were not wearing seatbelts to be thrown into the ceiling.

Some individuals have experienced such intense impacts on the overhead baggage cabins that they have actually dented them. In other cases, people have hit their heads on the lights and oxygen mask compartments with such force that they have broken through them.

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Local emergency crews from Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital swiftly responded to the incident, promptly transferring the injured individuals from the runway for urgent medical attention.

Singapore Airlines expressed their heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, through an official statement.


Boeing has been facing a series of disasters since January, and this incident is the most recent one.

Earlier this month, a distressing incident unfolded in Senegal when an airline caught fire, causing panic among the passengers as they scrambled for safety. Meanwhile, in Istanbul, a Boeing aircraft made a harrowing crash landing, with its nose gear missing. These incidents serve as alarming reminders of the potential dangers faced in air travel.

The article was originally published at 6:32 AM PT.

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