“Should I Be worried?” asks the wife upon learning how her husband goes to sleep

One woman recently shared the unique sound that her husband uses to help him fall asleep.

Quiet used to be considered essential for a healthy bedtime routine, but times have changed. Nowadays, noise has become a crucial factor in achieving a good night’s sleep for many Americans.

According to a survey conducted by Pollfish on behalf of The Sleep Doctor, it was found that 52 percent of the 1,200 U.S. adults surveyed rely on background noise to help them sleep in 2023.

A significant number of people, around 40.4 percent, preferred listening to music as a source of noise, while an almost equal percentage of 40.1 percent opted for nature sounds. Additionally, 33.3 percent of individuals found comfort in falling asleep to the sound of the television.

In a video shared on TikTok by blusoho, a woman reveals that her husband in Turkey has a unique approach to doing things.

Approaching her husband, who is peacefully asleep in bed with his phone playing by his side, she captivates viewers in a clip that has garnered a remarkable 7.1 million views.

In a video shared with Newsweek, blusoho (who prefers to be referred to by her TikTok handle) disclosed another incident where she found her partner sleeping on the couch while a comparable video of artificial battlefield sounds played on the TV.

According to a statement given to Newsweek, the wife mentioned that her husband occasionally takes short naps, but this is the first time she has observed him sleeping in such a profound manner in their seven months of marriage. Surprisingly, it seems that he finds solace in sleeping amidst the sound of war as a means to relax.

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According to Blusoho, her husband revealed that he has been falling asleep to war sounds “since high school” and credits it to his fondness for video games. She mentioned that while he isn’t a hardcore gamer, he thoroughly enjoys playing war games. Blusoho added that he used to be more immersed in gaming during his younger years, so it’s likely that hearing these sounds evokes a sense of nostalgia for him.

“He believes that it creates a calming atmosphere because it brings back memories of the games he enjoyed during his childhood,” she explained. Numerous individuals who commented on the initial viral video found it difficult to understand why anyone would find listening to something like this beneficial for sleep.

“Why is there even an ambiance for this,” one viewer wondered. Another viewer expressed concern, saying, “has anyone checked on his past life?!?!” A third viewer chimed in, saying, “I have so many questions.”

Some people were able to understand the appeal of it. One person mentioned, “I do that too, it’s very calming.” Another person shared, “I fall asleep to zombie apocalypse sounds.” Someone else added, “My dad sleeps to construction sounds.” While some may find it slightly concerning to hear a loved one falling asleep to the sound of conflict, blusoho found it amusing.

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