Severe weather continues to threaten states recovering from 13 tornadoes

Emergency crews in three states are currently in the process of cleaning up and evaluating the damage caused by a series of tornadoes on Sunday. However, the situation remains critical as forecasters predict the possibility of more severe weather in a significant area of the Midwest.

On Sunday, there were over 230 reports of severe storms, with the National Weather Service confirming 13 tornadoes in areas of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado.

Several people sustained injuries in the storms, but fortunately, there have been no immediate reports of any fatalities. The devastating weather also resulted in the destruction or damage of over 30 structures, as confirmed by officials.

On Sunday, a powerful funnel cloud descended upon Yukon, Oklahoma, near Oklahoma City, wreaking havoc on numerous buildings and tearing off the roof of a residential property.

According to the Blaine County Sheriff’s office, two individuals were hospitalized following a tornado that ravaged their residence in Hydro, Oklahoma, located approximately 63 miles west of Oklahoma City. Additionally, the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management stated on Monday that a nursing home in Hydro was also affected by the destructive tornado.

In Custer City, Oklahoma, which is located about 90 miles west of Oklahoma City, a powerful tornado wreaked havoc. The destructive force of the twister was evident as it toppled powerlines, demolished multiple buildings, and flung trailers around like mere playthings. According to officials from the emergency management department, the severe weather event resulted in significant damage to at least 10 homes in Custer City and Hydro.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management, the recent incident in Canadian County, located in suburban Oklahoma City, resulted in damage to at least 20 structures.

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Officials reported that there were still over 5,700 homes and businesses without electricity on Monday, with the majority of them located in Custer and Tulsa counties.

Severe weather in Kansas resulted in widespread power outages and significant damage to multiple buildings, with at least four tornadoes being responsible for the destruction.

Russell, Kansas, located approximately 150 miles northwest of Wichita, experienced “significant” damage caused by a powerful storm that struck on Sunday.

The City of Russell reported on Facebook that at least three buildings have been demolished. They also mentioned that restoration crews are currently working on restoring power to various parts of the city.

On Sunday, a tornado made landfall in eastern Colorado near Fleming, as confirmed by the National Weather Service. Facebook posts from residents also showcased images of hail as large as baseballs in the same area.

Severe weather is anticipated in Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska, Illinois, and Wisconsin until Wednesday.

Monday’s weather forecast predicts the possibility of severe weather conditions in Nebraska and Colorado, including potentially damaging winds and large hail.

On Tuesday, a new round of severe weather is anticipated across a wide stretch of states, spanning from Oklahoma all the way to Michigan. This includes major cities such as Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Green Bay, and Grand Rapids. The forecast calls for potentially hazardous conditions in these areas.

Severe weather is expected to spread across Texas and Ohio, bringing with it the potential for large hail in Dallas.

Hot weather is in store for Texas on Monday, with temperatures predicted to reach 98 degrees in Amarillo and 104 degrees in Del Rio. The Midwest will also experience potential record-breaking heat on Tuesday, as St. Louis expects a high of 93 degrees.

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Later this week, the Northeast is expected to experience a surge in hot weather. Binghamton, New York, is forecasted to break records with a scorching high of 86 degrees on Wednesday. Additionally, New York City may also see temperatures reaching 80 degrees.

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