Rihanna Opens Up About 2012 VMA Performance with A$AP Rocky and Expresses Willingness to Have Another Child: “I’d Consider Having a Daughter”

In a recent cover story for Interview Magazine, global superstar Rihanna candidly discussed her unforgettable 2012 VMA performance alongside A$AP Rocky and hinted at the possibility of starting a family. The talented singer also offered a glimpse into her personal life, shedding light on her connection with the renowned Harlem rapper.

During a conversation with Mel Ottenberg, they began by reflecting on a memorable moment from the 2012 VMAs. It was the moment when Rocky surprised everyone by grabbing Rihanna’s butt on stage. Rihanna fondly recalled the playful and spontaneous nature of their performance, revealing that they hadn’t even discussed it beforehand. She shared, “So that was the day that we thought we met. At rehearsal, it was just a manager to manager, client to client interaction.” When Ottenberg interrupted, suggesting that people thought they were having intimate relations, Rihanna burst into laughter. She responded, “No, my team was worried that I wanted to have his head on a mantle. But I was like, ‘Nah.’ That’s why everyone was like, ‘Oh my god. She likes him?'”

According to Rihanna, it took them a while to truly get to know each other. “We have known each other for quite some time. We have witnessed each other in different relationships and outside of relationships. We were aware of our potential to either make or break each other’s hearts. So, we approached dating with caution,” she revealed. Eventually, they connected at the perfect moment, and the rest, as they say, is history. Later in the interview, Rihanna was asked about her plans for having more children. In response, she honestly stated, “I want to have as many children as God wants me to have,” before adding:

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“I can’t say for certain what God’s plan is, but I’m open to having more than two children. I would love to have a daughter, but if another boy comes along, I’ll embrace that too.”

Rihanna’s Valentine’s Day Savage X Fenty Confessional sparks hilarious reactions on social media as she playfully reveals whether she’s a “top or bottom.” Fans couldn’t help but respond to her cheeky and fun-loving nature.

In a recent interview, Rihanna dropped a hint about the possibility of having a third baby. When jokingly asked about something she can’t do, she responded by suggesting that having another child could be on the horizon for her. Although it was a lighthearted remark, fans couldn’t help but speculate about the potential expansion of Rihanna’s family.

The couple, who have been together since 2020, have two children together: sons RZA, 1, and Riot. While they weren’t actively planning to start a family when they became pregnant with their first child, Rihanna revealed in an interview with Vogue that they were “certainly not planning against it” either.

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