Republican senators call for impeachment trial of Mayorkas

Republican senators are demanding that a trial be held for Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, as there are rumors that U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to table and not hold an impeachment hearing. They argue that it is important to follow the U.S. Constitution and ensure that due process is followed.

Mayorkas made history as the first sitting cabinet member to face impeachment in the United States. The impeachment, which occurred on February 13, was initiated by the Republican-led House. He faced two charges: willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law, and breach of public trust.

U.S. Senator Eric Schmitt, a Republican from Missouri, recently penned a letter addressed to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The letter, co-signed by several senators, stresses the importance of the U.S. Senate Republican Conference being ready to fulfill their constitutional duty and conduct a thorough trial.

In a letter to Majority Leader Schumer and Senate Democrats, Schmitt expressed his concerns about their plan to table the articles of impeachment without proper consideration. He highlighted that this course of action is unprecedented and has never been taken by the US Senate before.

In response, he expressed uncertainty regarding the Senate rules and whether they would permit the dismissal of their duty in this manner. However, he emphasized that if the roles were reversed, Democrats would not allow such a maneuver. He highlighted that if Senate Republicans held the majority and there was a Republican president, the opposition from Democrats would be fierce and their voices would be loud. He urged McConnell to resist any attempts by Democrats to evade their constitutional responsibility, and instead, ensure that the Senate conducts a fair trial. In doing so, he emphasized the importance of every senator, regardless of party affiliation, fulfilling their role in adjudicating this matter upon the Senate’s return.

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Cruz expressed his concern over the current situation in America, emphasizing the loss of American lives and the brutal treatment that many are experiencing. He described the prevailing state of affairs as one of complete chaos.

In an interview with Fox News, Cruz expressed his belief that the Senate should convict the President. His reasoning stems from the fact that the President actively aided and abetted the criminal invasion of the United States, specifically Mexican drug cartels, which have profited immensely from exploiting human beings. Cruz argues that this not only undermines public safety in America but also poses a significant national security threat. He further asserts that the President and congressional Democrats are accomplices in this chaotic situation.

Senate Republicans now have the opportunity to show their support for the House by joining forces with Chuck Schumer and ensuring a fair trial for Mayorkas. It is crucial that they do not disregard the proceedings and instead give it the attention it deserves.

According to him, Schumer is attempting to disregard over two centuries of Senate precedent by postponing the impeachment trial of Alejandro Mayorkas. This move would prevent the American public from hearing the evidence regarding Biden’s unlawful open border policy.

Schumer’s intention, according to Cruz, is not to proceed with a trial or to allow senators to vote on the impeachment charges. Instead, he is seeking to table the matter and set it aside. This course of action, Cruz points out, is unprecedented in the more than 200-year history of our nation. The Senate has never before tabled articles of impeachment. Every previous impeachment case has involved a vote on guilt or innocence or the withdrawal of the impeachment by the House.

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While visiting Ukraine and holding discussions with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Schumer expressed his concern about the potential consequences if the United States stops providing financial aid to Ukraine. He emphasized the importance of continued support, stating that without it, Ukraine could lose its ongoing conflict with Russia. Schumer further highlighted the far-reaching implications of such a loss, asserting that it would not only impact the Ukrainian people but also have dire consequences for the United States, democracy, and freedom. Additionally, he called upon House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, to increase the aid being sent to Ukraine.

Johnson expressed that funding decisions would not be considered unless there is a focus on securing the U.S. border.

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