Record-breaking heatwave triggers ‘Red Flag’ alerts in multiple US states, as depicted on map

Americans are being cautioned to get ready for perilous wildfires this week as temperatures are forecasted to soar to unprecedented highs in the mid-90Fs. A map has been provided to highlight the regions that are projected to face the most severe impact.

Parts of America are set to experience a heatwave as a plume from the Gulf of Mexico brings dry winds and low humidity. This combination of hazardous weather conditions has resulted in the issuance of “Red Flag” fire warnings in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Certain parts of the country are currently facing an unprecedented heatwave and are grappling with wildfires, with Texas being particularly affected.

March is anticipated to bring a surge in extreme heat, with experts cautioning about the potential for breaking records, according to a report by The

According to Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist for the British Weather Services, the United States is about to experience an incredibly hot weather phenomenon. He stated, “Temperatures over the next few days are expected to reach unprecedented levels, breaking previous records.”

According to his explanation, temperatures in certain areas will reach 90F due to a plume from the Gulf of Mexico. This serves as a reminder that we are still in the winter season. Furthermore, he stated that this unusual heat is anticipated to persist throughout next week and the beginning of March.

The southern states currently face critical fire weather conditions, as indicated by the current wildfire warnings.

Texas and Arizona, along with other southern parts of the country, are bracing for scorching temperatures that could soar beyond the 80Fs mark.

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Abilene in Texas set a new February record on Monday, with temperatures soaring to a staggering 94F.

Dale voiced his concern about the “extremely worrying” temperatures, highlighting the potential implications for the upcoming summer.

States in the path of the upcoming heatwave, including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Iowa, should prepare themselves for the worst. According to Dale, the heat that awaits them is a cause for concern.

El Nino, a climate pattern that warms up the eastern Pacific, is partly responsible for the soaring temperatures in certain southern cities, according to meteorologist Jonathan Erdman from the Weather Channel.

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