Recall of Cookies Raises Concerns About Possible Life-Threatening Allergy

Wesco, Inc. has voluntarily recalled one of its cookie products due to significant concerns over the possibility of consumers experiencing a “serious or life-threatening allergic reaction.”

Wesco, Inc., a company located in Muskegon, Michigan, has recently announced a recall for 750 units of their popular Mint No Bake Cookie Bites. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) issued a recall notice on Monday, stating that these products may potentially contain undeclared peanuts.

The Wesco convenience store locations in Michigan’s lower peninsula sold the affected units. These units were 9-ounce plastic cups with the universal product code (UPC) 750308040474. The cups were labeled with “sell-thru” dates of 03/15/2024, 03/16/2024, 03/17/2024, and 03/18/2024.

According to the notice, the recall was prompted when it was discovered that Wesco Mint No Bake Cookie Bites, which contained peanut butter, were distributed without indicating the presence of peanuts on the packaging. The investigation that followed revealed that the issue stemmed from an incorrect product formulation within the manufacturing facility’s new software system.

According to the FDA, as of Monday, there have been no reports of illnesses.

The company has issued a warning to consumers about the potential for “serious or life-threatening allergic reactions” if they consume these products. If anyone suspects they have purchased any of the affected items, they can return them to the place of purchase and receive a full refund. For any additional questions or concerns, individuals can contact Wesco, Inc. directly by phone at 231-719-4385 or via email at [email protected].

I reached out to Wesco, Inc. via email on Monday to get further comment. I will update this story with any responses I receive.

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The FDA outlined the potential reactions that individuals who are allergic to peanuts may experience in its official recall notice regarding the affected products.

The notice explained that symptoms of an allergic reaction may include hives, flushed skin or rash, a tingling or itchy sensation in the mouth, swelling of the face, tongue, or lips, vomiting and/or diarrhea, abdominal cramps, coughing or wheezing, swelling of the throat and vocal cords, difficulty breathing, and loss of consciousness.

Wesco, Inc. has recently issued a recall, following a similar recall by Byrne Dairy in Syracuse, New York, reported by the FDA in January. Just like in the previous case, Wesco, Inc. discovered that some of its half-gallon chocolate ice cream products may contain undeclared peanuts, posing a risk to individuals with allergies. These affected units were distributed to various stores across Upstate New York.

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