President Biden and Cookie Monster express frustration with the phenomenon of ‘shrinkflation’

“Shrinkflation” is the term used to describe a sneaky tactic employed by companies to reduce the size of a product while keeping the price the same. This means that you’re getting less for your money without even realizing it. So, next time you pick up your favorite snack or household item, take a closer look and see if it has fallen victim to shrinkflation.

Cookie Monster, the beloved character from “Sesame Street,” expressed his frustration with companies that engage in a deceptive business practice known as “shrinkflation.” This practice involves selling food products at the same price but reducing the actual quantity of the product.

“I hate shrinkflation!” exclaimed the beloved “Sesame Street” character to his 626,000 fans on X (formerly known as Twitter) this Monday. “My cookies are getting smaller,” he lamented.

The White House responded on Monday, expressing their sentiment by stating, “Consumers getting ripped off is what C stands for.”

During a White House event on Tuesday, President Joe Biden personally embraced his cookie-loving blue pal and publicly criticized aggressive, profit-driven food companies.

“I have to say, you know who noticed? Cookie Monster noticed. He brought attention to the fact that his cookies are getting smaller while still paying the same price,” Biden remarked. “I was genuinely surprised when I learned that this was the reality.”

The snack-loving leader specifically targeted manufacturers of potato chips.

“They are not passing along the savings to their customers, even though supply chains have returned to normal,” he noted.

“Numerous companies are increasing their prices in order to boost their profits, taking advantage of customers by charging them more for less. Surprisingly, even some small snack companies have adopted this strategy, making it appear as though nothing has changed while charging the same amount for a bag of potato chips that now contains significantly fewer chips.”

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Frank Oz, a puppeteer and an early collaborator with Jim Henson, expressed his disapproval of “shrinkflation” on Tuesday. However, what outraged him even more was the fact that his beloved character, Cookie Monster, would be involved in such weighty matters.

“I’m absolutely amazed by a news article featuring Cookie Monster discussing the concept of ‘shrinkflation’,” Oz expressed his surprise on X.

According to him, the late Henson, who passed away in 1990, would have never approved of “Sesame Street” characters expressing their opinions openly like this. He believed that they should remain in their own innocent world, separate from our reality.

Oz questioned the current state of character and integrity within Sesame Workshop.

“Sesame Street” characters have been actively involved in addressing various topical concerns, despite criticism from Oz.

Elmo made a guest appearance on the “TODAY” show recently to raise awareness about mental health. President Biden expressed his support for Elmo’s efforts by acknowledging the challenges people face in finding happiness and offering encouragement to persevere: “I understand the difficulties of pushing through tough times and finding brighter days.”

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