Postal Service’s intention to relocate Casper’s postal processing to Billings is opposed by the Wyoming SOS

Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray is urging the U.S. Postal Service to reconsider its plan to relocate mail processing operations from Casper’s distribution center to Montana. Gray is advocating for the withdrawal of this proposal, expressing concerns about the implications it may have on the efficiency and accessibility of mail services in Wyoming.

The USPS’s decision to relocate processing operations from Casper to Billings is part of a comprehensive strategy aimed at cost savings, enhanced service, and employee retention. As previously reported, Gray is also against the service’s proposal to transfer Cheyenne’s mail processing to Denver, Colorado.

Gray expresses concern that these actions will adversely affect the people of Wyoming, particularly during election periods.

In a letter addressed to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy on March 7, Gray expressed the concerns of many Wyoming residents. He stated that there were worries regarding the potential delays and compromised integrity of the upcoming 2024 election if the processing of Wyoming election mail were to be done outside the state. Gray emphasized that he shared these concerns and viewed the repeated proposals to relocate mail processing as harmful to both Wyoming elections and its people.

Gray urges the Postal Service to withdraw the current proposal and guarantee that election mail in Wyoming is handled within the state’s boundaries. He emphasizes the seriousness of these concerns and requests a meeting to discuss them further.

In December 2023, Gray expressed concern over the Cheyenne-to-Denver plan by sending a letter to DeJoy.

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