Poll shows Lake maintaining lead in Arizona Senate Republican primary

According to recent polling data, Kari Lake, a Republican candidate, continues to maintain a strong lead in the race for the party’s nomination for Senate.

According to a recent poll by Noble Predictive Insights, Republican candidate Lake is leading with 46% support among 364 registered Republican voters. In comparison, Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb has 21% support. However, 25% of voters are undecided, and 9% are backing “someone else.” The poll was conducted from May 7-14 and has a margin of error of 5.14%. It is worth noting that Lake’s support has decreased from 54% in February, but there has been an increase of 8% in undecided Republican voters.

According to a survey of 1,003 registered Arizona voters, Lake’s overall favorability stands at a net negative of 6%. However, when it comes to Republicans, she enjoys a net positive favorability of +32%. Among independents, her favorability has decreased by 9%, while Lamb’s favorability has increased by 14% within the same group. Nevertheless, Lamb holds a net favorability of +18% among all voters and an impressive +36% among Republicans.

According to the founder and CEO of NPI, Mike Noble, Mark Lamb is not necessarily unpopular among Republicans, but they currently prefer Lake as their nominee. Noble states, “Being liked is half the battle, and Lamb has the edge over Lake there. He just needs to change up his strategy to make a good enough case for himself.”

According to a recent poll conducted by NPI, Democratic Congressman Ruben Gallego is currently leading with 46% of the registered voters’ support compared to his opponent, Lake, who has 36%. However, there is still a significant portion, 19% of the respondents, who remain undecided about their choice in the general election. Another poll conducted by CBS News/YouGov among 1,510 adults living in Arizona also shows Gallego in the lead with 49% support, while Lake is at 36%.

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Gallego, unlike Lake, does not face a significant primary opponent.

According to Lamb’s news release on Thursday, two polls conducted within a week reveal that Kari Lake is lagging behind Democrat Ruben Gallego by a significant margin in the general election. Lamb emphasizes that Lake’s unfavorable ratings are alarmingly high, and that she is not able to secure the support of Independents. Furthermore, Lamb points out that Lake is losing 17% of the Republican base, which he believes could lead to a disastrous outcome for Republicans in November. Lamb stresses the urgency of the situation, citing the open border and rising inflation as critical issues that need to be addressed for the sake of Arizona and the nation as a whole.

Unfortunately, the Lake and Gallego campaigns did not provide a comment in time for publication.

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