Police discover woman living in Michigan store sign, who claims it was a little-known ‘safe spot’

A video of the encounter shows that a woman, who had been residing inside a sign on the roof of a Michigan grocery store, informed the police that it was a familiar hiding place for her family. However, she did not provide any explanation as to why she decided to stay there for an entire year.

The woman, who is 34 years old and whose name has not been disclosed, expressed deep worry about her belongings when she was informed by the police that she had to vacate the attic-like area within the Family Fare sign in Midland, which is located 130 miles (209 kilometers) north of Detroit.

The news of the April 23 discovery was reported by various media outlets, including The Associated Press. MLive.com obtained the police body camera video through a public records request, and certain portions of it were shared online on Tuesday.

“Surprisingly, you have a nickname,” an officer remarked, acknowledging that there were individuals who seemed to be aware of it.

The woman responded, “Spiderman or something?”

She acknowledged the truth by saying, “That’s true.”

Police responded to a call at the store after contractors, who were working on the roof, traced an extension cord leading to the secret hiding place. Upon finding the woman inside, two officers requested her to open a small door located at the back of the sign.

“Who introduced you to this?” one asked.

According to the woman, the location was previously considered a hidden gem in Midland, known only to a few. However, she noted that this is no longer the case.

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The woman possessed a coffee maker, computer, bedding, and phone. A different officer marveled at her resourcefulness, considering her makeshift housing to be “impressive.” They couldn’t help but wonder how she had managed to survive the harsh winter conditions.

“I can handle that. I’ve had experience in Alaska,” the woman confidently responded.

She requested some time to contact her employer and arrange for a truck to store her belongings. However, the officers denied her request, explicitly stating that the store staff would handle the removal and return of her possessions.

Dressed in black attire with ski goggles resting on her head, the woman revealed that she had a sensitivity to sunlight.

She inquired the officers about their means of getting onto the roof.

“We’re not roof ninjas,” one of them exclaimed, dismissing the idea of using a ladder.

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