Police arrest Colorado burglary suspect on the toilet: ‘Caught in the act’

Last week, officers apprehended a suspect in Colorado who was found in a rather compromising position – sitting on the toilet.

The suspect, charged with second-degree burglary, was caught off guard when Lakewood Police apprehended him early on Thursday. The authorities swiftly responded to a burglary alarm that had been triggered.

According to a Facebook post by the Lakewood Police Department, agents promptly responded to a verified burglary alarm and deployed a drone to search for a suspect.

The prosecution has warned the judge that the suspect in the Colorado University dorm murder case still poses a threat.

A suspect in Colorado was apprehended while sitting on the toilet after being accused of committing burglary, as reported by the Lakewood Police Department on Facebook.

“We were no strangers to encountering peculiar situations, but this time, we were in for a surprise like never before!”

The suspect was sitting on the toilet with his underpants down when the officers ordered him to raise his hands.

Dispatch audio from the deadly Colorado dorm shooting reveals that responders were unsure if the gunman was still at large.

The suspect was apprehended with his pants down. (Lakewood Police Department via Facebook)

After being apprehended, the suspect willingly submitted to the arrest and was subsequently transported to a detention facility.

The police department expressed their appreciation for the excellent teamwork displayed by their Patrol and Drone Teams on social media.

The Lakewood Police Department shared a lighthearted Facebook post regarding the arrest. (Google Maps)

The department has not released any information about the burglary or the suspect involved.

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