Police arrest anti-Israel protesters and seize vehicles after they use them to block NYC bridges and tunnels during rush hour

According to the NYPD, a number of anti-Israel protesters were apprehended for causing traffic disruptions at the Brooklyn Bridge and two major tunnels on Monday morning during rush hour. The individuals involved used cars to intentionally impede the flow of traffic.

Around 8 a.m., demonstrators in an unknown number of vehicles caused traffic disruptions on the Brooklyn Bridge, Holland Tunnel, and Queens-Midtown Tunnel, according to the police.

According to a spokesperson for the Port Authority Police, seven individuals were taken into custody and four vehicles were confiscated during the incident at the Holland Tunnel.

Dozens of individuals have been arrested for trespassing into President Biden’s campaign headquarters in Delaware. The organizer of the incident has issued a warning stating that young people will not support the president.

According to the representative, they face charges of interfering with transportation and disorderly conduct. The representative also mentioned that authorities were able to manage the traffic and ensure that vehicles were able to continue moving.

The NYPD made several arrests, although they were unable to provide an exact count by early Monday afternoon.

An anti-Israel organization has been reportedly “deleted from Instagram” amidst protests in New York City, where demonstrators have vowed to amplify their voices.

As the disrupters were being apprehended by the police, one of them, who was in handcuffs, made eye contact with a Post photographer who was capturing the scene on film. With a smile on his face, he boldly proclaimed, “Free Palestine. From the river to the sea!”

The police were unable to determine how the protesters successfully obstructed the roadways.

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About a month after hundreds of anti-Israel protesters swarmed the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg bridges, as well as the Holland Tunnel in early January, causing chaos by blocking traffic, the morning madness unfolded.

Authorities reported that over 330 individuals were arrested during the chaos.

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