Philadelphia Fundraiser for Cancer Survivors Draws the Attendance of Travis and Jason Kelce

Travis and Jason Kelce recently collaborated for a fundraiser held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The event, organized by Meghan R. McDermont in support of Team Rectify, aims to raise funds for cancer survivors through the Cycle for Survival: New York. Inspired by her late brother Brendan McDermont, who lost his battle with colorectal cancer last year, Meghan formed the team to make a positive impact.

This year, the McDermont family set a ambitious target of $150,000 to commemorate Brendan, as well as other individuals who have succumbed to cancer and those who are presently fighting the disease. The event garnered support from both Travis and Jason Kelce, resulting in an incredible outcome. At present, they have managed to raise an impressive sum of over $64,500!

Travis and Jason Kelce Support Philadelphia Fundraiser

“I can’t help but share these pictures from the event,” Jess Viola enthusiastically exclaims. “These two individuals are absolutely amazing. I can just imagine Brendan looking down and smiling at them. It’s truly remarkable to see such legendary figures proudly wearing Team Rectify hats.”

It is undeniable that this money will significantly contribute to supporting cancer survivors! It is truly heartwarming to witness influential individuals like Travis and Jason Kelce utilizing their fame for a noble cause.

Jess urges those who haven’t donated yet to take action by directing them to the website where they can make their contribution.

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