Over 100 sheriffs show their support for Operation Lone Star

Over 100 sheriffs in Texas have voiced their backing for Governor Greg Abbott’s border security initiative, Operation Lone Star. These sheriffs are also urging for the border crisis to be officially recognized as a “United States constitutional crisis and crimes against humanity.”

The sheriffs have written a letter to the governor, requesting in a respectful manner that immediate action be taken to secure the Texas border through lawful means.

They also reaffirmed their dedication to upholding their oath to “faithfully preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution,” as well as federal and state laws, and the well-being of American citizens.

Sheriff Larry Smith, the president of the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas, is leading the charge as he and other sheriffs express their concerns regarding the alarming and unprecedented atrocities taking place at the border.

The unvetted migrants who are crossing into Texas from over 120 countries bring with them a significant threat to America and its citizens. Among these individuals are cartel members, gang members, known or suspected terrorists, and human traffickers, all of whom pose a clear and immediate danger. The impact of this influx of illegal drugs has been devastating to our communities, with Mexico alone being the source of over 100,000 drug-related deaths each year. In many ways, these drugs can be seen as a weapon of mass destruction, causing irreversible harm.

The unsecured border poses a significant threat as it is directly linked to various criminal victimizations of both citizens and non-citizens. Additionally, the border crisis has resulted in numerous human rights violations. These violations encompass a range of heinous acts, including murder, sexual assault and abuse of both children and adults, human trafficking, kidnapping, forced child labor, indentured servitude, identity theft, and exploitation of workers.

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Military experts have repeatedly warned about the intentional and deliberate nature of weaponized migration and federal policies that open the border.

After witnessing the ongoing border crisis, a total of 55 Texas counties have officially declared it as an invasion, with an additional 60 counties issuing disaster declarations. This alarming development has prompted them to take immediate action.

In a letter expressing their concerns, it is stated that the unsecured border is a purposeful, harmful, and inhumane violation of both Texas and federal law. The letter further highlights that this situation puts a strain on the resources of Texas and the United States, while also promoting the ongoing invasion of unknown criminals and unvetted individuals.

According to experts, there has been a prevailing belief that border security and immigration are two separate issues. However, it is increasingly recognized that they are interconnected and have implications for national security.

Our primary responsibility is to defend and maintain the sovereignty of the United States and Texas, as well as provide security. Therefore, it is crucial that we address the issue of the unsecured Texas border. We must stand in unity with our governor to protect our citizens and ensure the security of our nation.

In a statement, Governor Greg Abbott emphasized the importance of their partnership in the ongoing battle against President Joe Biden’s dangerous border crisis. He highlighted the need to protect not just Texas, but also the entire nation.

Brooks County Sheriff Benny Martinez, who is the vice chair of the National Sheriff’s Association and a prominent figure among Texas border sheriffs, has joined the group. He emphasized that the increasing influx of fentanyl from the southern border is a matter of great concern for all the sheriffs in Texas. Sheriff Martinez highlighted that this poses a significant challenge for law enforcement officials across the state.

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Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd’s Operation Lone Star Task Force, led by Martinez, has observed a surge in the trafficking of weapons to Mexico. This includes the illegal trade of firearms, ammunition, as well as stolen trucks and vehicles used for transportation.

Task force members are collaborating and utilizing intelligence and other tools to seize illegal contraband, according to the spokesperson. The cartels and gangs involved in smuggling people and drugs from Mexico to the US also engage in stealing cars to transport weapons, ammunition, cash, and other illegal goods as part of their extensive criminal network. The task force members have provided detailed explanations to The Center Square about their efforts to combat these activities.

Intercepting this magnitude of border crime would pose a significant challenge without OLS funding, according to Martinez. He emphasized the importance of having adequate resources, funding, and personnel to effectively combat such crimes. Martinez also highlighted the presence of underlying issues that need to be addressed in order to effectively combat these types of crimes.

“The current administration has failed us, and it is Texas that is taking the lead, not Washington, D.C.”

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