Oscar De La Hoya Expresses Hope for Mike Tyson Against ‘Genuine Fighter’ Jake Paul

Jake Paul is set to face off against Mike Tyson in July, and there are concerns about the safety of The Problem Child. However, according to the legendary Oscar De la Hoya, it is actually Iron Mike who should be worried.

During a recent encounter in New York City, TMZ Sports caught up with the legendary boxer Oscar De La Hoya and questioned him about the forthcoming fight between 57-year-old Mike Tyson and 27-year-old Jake Paul.

“I will be offering my prayers for Mike Tyson as I hold a deep admiration for him. Let me acknowledge that Jake Paul is undoubtedly a true fighter. This upcoming bout poses a significant risk, and I urge caution to Mike Tyson. Please, take care,” De La Hoya expressed with concern.

Naturally, many individuals have adopted a contrasting perspective, cautioning Jake about the potential danger he might face from Mike, widely regarded as the most intimidating boxer in history.

In early March, Paul showcased his skills in the ring against Ryan Bourland, a boxer with a record of 17-2. The match was a breeze for Paul as he swiftly knocked out Bourland in the very first round.

Jake’s fight against Andre August (10-1-1) was closely followed by the Bourland bout, where he once again showcased his dominance with a first-round knockout victory.

Tyson recently engaged in an exhibition bout against boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. in June 2020. This event also featured Jake Paul, who gained attention after knocking out former NBA star Nate Robinson on the same night. It’s important to note that Tyson’s fight with Jones was not officially scored.

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Mike Tyson’s final professional bout took place in 2005, resulting in a loss against Kevin McBride.

Oscar was also questioned about the potential impact of a loss to Jake on his legacy.

According to De La Hoya, Mike Tyson’s legacy is set in stone and will endure for all time. De La Hoya confidently asserts that Tyson will always be regarded as a formidable figure in the boxing world.

In just 84 days, get ready to witness the epic showdown between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul! It’s going to be a battle you won’t want to miss! Get your gloves on and prepare for some serious action in the ring!

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