Opinion: Supreme Court Ruling Doesn’t Clear Trump, says Former RNC Chair

The recent ruling in Trump v. Anderson by the Supreme Court had an intriguing implication. While the court allowed Donald Trump to stay on the Colorado Republican primary ballot, it was the silence on certain matters that caught everyone’s attention.

The court made it clear that the events of January 6, 2021, were indeed an insurrection. Additionally, the court did not deny that Trump was involved in it. In fact, three justices labeled Trump as an “oath-breaking insurrectionist.” Though the court did not rule out Trump’s disqualification, it stated that states cannot enforce Section 3 disqualification on federal candidates. By reinstating Trump on the ballot, the court had a chance to absolve him of his role in the insurrection. However, the fact that no justice was willing to do so speaks volumes about the extent of his betrayal of the Constitution and his office on that day. Given these circumstances, where does this leave the country?

The question of Trump’s political future rests on the American people, as Congress has yet to take action. Donald Trump, an oath-breaking insurrectionist, sought vindication from the Supreme Court, but was unsuccessful. If he were to return to the White House, it is clear how he would regard the Constitution. In one of his delusional proclamations on Truth Social in 2022, he alleged massive electoral fraud and called for the termination of all rules, regulations, and even articles in the Constitution. It seems that the United States Constitution is nothing more than an inconvenience to Donald Trump, hindering his desire to once again occupy the White House.

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When we take a quick look at the news surrounding this case, it’s easy to assume that Trump was cleared of any wrongdoing. However, that’s not actually what occurred. The truth is, there was a five-day trial in Colorado that involved multiple witnesses, extensive video footage, and a significant amount of evidence. After reviewing all of this, the trial court judge concluded that Trump was involved in an act of insurrection. The Colorado Supreme Court later confirmed this finding and ruled that Trump should be barred from the ballot. It’s important to note that the Supreme Court did not address either of these previous court decisions. So, it’s clear that Trump was not exonerated in this case.

Trump’s violation of his oath became evident when he endeavored to overturn the 2020 election and rallied a violent mob to storm the Capitol, all in an attempt to retain his position of authority. The events of January 6, 2021, clearly constituted an act of insurrection, a fact that has been confirmed by every court and decision-maker who has thoroughly examined the evidence. It is important to note that the recent Court’s decision did not alter this undeniable truth.

The Supreme Court displayed a noticeable lack of bravery in finding a loophole to permit Trump’s inclusion on the ballot, despite overwhelming evidence of his involvement in the insurrection. This decision undermines our democracy, and it is now up to the American people to speak out and protect our democratic values. The Court’s failure to rise to the occasion places the responsibility on all of us to determine what happens next.

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Marc Racicot, a former governor and attorney general of Montana, has an impressive political career. He has held significant positions such as Chairman of the Republican National Committee and the chairman of the Bush/Cheney Reelection Campaign.

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