Opinion: Biden and Trump acknowledge Kennedy’s VP choice as a game changer

This presidential election is far from ordinary or traditional. It’s a whirlwind of fantastical issues that would make Alice in Wonderland feel right at home, as both the Biden and Trump campaigns navigate through unpredictable circumstances.

Voters have concerns about Biden’s age, perceived cognitive issues, his son Hunter’s legal and perception problems, growing policy failures, and the ongoing challenges faced by the country and the world. On the other hand, some voters find it difficult to forget about the FBI raid on Trump’s Florida home, his mug shot, the multiple indictments by Democratic prosecutors and district attorneys, trial dates, and the intentional amplification of the “lawfare” campaign by certain media outlets.

Approximately 70 percent of voters express their dissatisfaction with both Biden and Trump as potential presidents. In the midst of this sentiment, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. emerges onto the political stage.

RFK Jr. has a higher favorability rating compared to both Biden and Trump. He is also the preferred choice among voters under 35 years old, as well as independents. Moreover, he is rapidly gaining support among minorities. These three constituencies present a significant opportunity for Kennedy to expand his base. This chance has been further enhanced by his recent selection of Nicole Shanahan as his running mate.

Lisa Shanahan, a 38-year-old Asian American lawyer, has led a remarkable life. Growing up on welfare, she defied the odds and became the founder and president of the Bia-Echo Foundation, a California-based nonprofit that provides grants for various causes such as reproductive rights, equality, criminal justice reform, and the environment. Shanahan, a single mother, has also navigated the challenges of raising a daughter with autism. Notably, she was previously married to Sergey Brin, the cofounder of Google.

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Shanahan brings a wealth of skills and expertise to the Kennedy campaign. Not only does she possess a strong entrepreneurial background, but she also exudes a contagious energy and displays remarkable intelligence. What sets Shanahan apart is her ability to effectively communicate with various voter demographics. She has a unique ability to connect with female voters, members of the high-tech community, young voters, minority voters, the working poor, and even dissatisfied Democrats. Shanahan’s presence on the campaign trail immediately addresses multiple needs and ensures that the campaign resonates with a diverse range of individuals.

Shanahan also fulfills another important requirement for Kennedy: several states mandate that a vice-presidential running mate be announced in order to be eligible for the ballot. By having Shanahan join the ticket, it will generate media coverage and boost momentum in those states.

As mentioned in a previous column, the Democrats are currently experiencing a complete breakdown due to Kennedy’s independent run. Contrary to their predictions, it has not fizzled out but instead seems to be gaining traction with a strong foundation of populism. This foundation presents an excellent opportunity for Shanahan to further expand his support.

Kennedy and Shanahan have made it their top priority to secure spots on state ballots. While the campaign has been making significant strides, they have also encountered obstacles that they suspect are intentionally being placed by the Democratic Party.

Shanahan is set to become a formidable force in securing the necessary ballot access for Kennedy’s campaign. In her speech, Shanahan highlighted her considerable wealth and strong ties to the influential mega-donor community.

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The statement made by Shanahan in his speech yesterday has caught the attention and concern of both the Biden and Trump teams. Shanahan emphasized the importance of listening to Bobby Kennedy in his own words and understanding his vision for America. He expressed his support for Kennedy’s campaign and his dedication to ensuring that Kennedy’s name appears on every ballot in the country for the next seven months.

In a recent post on X, formerly Twitter, Kennedy expressed his concerns about the challenges he is facing. He highlighted the issue of corruption and cronyism within the Biden administration, particularly Secretary Mayorkas. Kennedy emphasized that the will of the people is being hindered by these factors. He also mentioned the politicization of federal agencies, which he believes is aimed at removing him from the race. Kennedy claimed that the administration is intentionally denying him Secret Service protection to drain his campaign funds, exclude him from the ballot, and ultimately halt the progress of the movement he has been building.

Shanahan has the ability to halt and overturn the calculated effort to drain funds from the Kennedy campaign. In fact, he can do even more than that.

In political campaigns, perception often holds the same weight as reality, thereby gaining momentum. Shanahan’s real-world experience has now become instrumental in shifting this perception.

The distinction between a “long shot” and the “people’s choice” is not as wide as people think. It often boils down to reaching a tipping point. Within a matter of weeks, the narrative can swiftly shift from “Kennedy has no chance of winning” to “I can’t believe it, but Kennedy now stands a real chance.” Shanahan has the ability to swiftly turn the tide in Kennedy’s favor.

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In her recent remarks, she shared a powerful statement that resonates with many. She began by declaring herself as a former Democrat and a woman in her late thirties. She emphasized her personal experiences of both sickness and health, poverty and wealth. However, it was her role as a mother that initially drove her to support this campaign. She joined a diverse group of mothers from various political affiliations, including Republicans, Democrats, and independents. To her, these mothers are the true heroes, tirelessly striving to create a sense of normalcy for their children in an increasingly chaotic world.

Nicole Shanahan is a game-changer, and her voice is resonating with Americans. Both Biden and Trump recognize the impact she has, and people are rallying behind her.

Douglas MacKinnon, a seasoned political and communications consultant, had the privilege of serving as a writer for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush in the White House. Additionally, he held the esteemed position of special assistant for policy and communications at the Pentagon during the final three years of the Bush administration.

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