On the Hur report, Begala, a Clinton advisor, said, “This is terrible for Democrats.”

Democratic strategist and former Clinton advisor Paul Begala has issued a warning to Democrats following the release of a special counsel report that raised concerns about President Joe Biden’s memory.

“I have to admit, I’m a Biden supporter, but last night was anything but restful for me. I kept waking up every two hours, feeling so anxious that I even wet the bed. It’s undeniable that this is a major setback for the Democrats, and anyone with common sense can see that,” expressed Begala. He was a key strategist during the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1992 and went on to advise President Bill Clinton in the White House. Begala shared his thoughts during an appearance on CNN on Friday.

The recently released report by Special Counsel Robert Hur concluded that Joe Biden intentionally held on to and disclosed classified information. However, the investigation did not find sufficient grounds to press criminal charges against him.

During a press conference on Thursday night, President Biden fiercely responded to a report that claimed he had a “poor” memory. Expressing his anger, he questioned the special counsel’s decision to state in the report that he couldn’t recall the time when his son Beau passed away.

“I don’t need anyone, anyone, reminding me about his passing,” Biden exclaimed, angered by the special counsel’s attempt to bring it up. “Who the hell does he think he is to even mention it?”

Paul Begala, a critic of the president’s response, suggests that an offensive strategy would have yielded better results instead of relying solely on a defensive approach.

According to Paul Begala, the best approach in such situations is to attack and change the subject. He believes that once a controversial statement has been made, it cannot be undone. Begala also criticizes Biden, stating that his handling of the situation only made it worse.

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In preparation for the upcoming November election, Begala emphasized the importance of the president shifting his focus.

According to Begala, there is a need for Joe Biden to be more present and active. Begala believes that Biden should be constantly on the offensive, instead of just defending himself by saying “I’m OK.”

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