Oh my! “It Woulda Never Been You!” is Draya Michele’s response to London Brown, the star of “Raising Kanan,” after she discusses her pregnancy with Jalen Green

Draya Michele has made an effort to embrace her pregnancy in tranquility, yet she has been faced with numerous disruptions online. Despite her ability to brush off most negative comments, there is one that she refuses to overlook.

In our previous report, we shared that London Brown, the talented actor known for his role in the popular drama series “Power Book III: Raising Kanan,” expressed his thoughts about Draya, who recently announced her pregnancy with 22-year-old Houston Rockets basketball player Jalen Green. During an Instagram Live session, Brown commented that she is “passed goods” and “passed around goods.” He also mentioned that she has surpassed all of us in her experiences.

Wow, that was intense!

Draya Michele Shares Exciting News: She’s Expecting a Baby Girl

Not only Brown, but others have also chimed in on the matter. Cam’ron and Ma$e took a jab at Jalen Green, the Houston Rockets superstar, for getting model Draya Michele pregnant.

In response, Ma$e expressed his approval, stating, “That’s a great statement, Killa. What is he trying to convey? Is he satisfied? If he is, then I am thrilled.”

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Whew! Draya Michele fires back at ‘Raising Kanan’ star London Brown for discussing her pregnancy with Jalen Green, stating, “It would have never been you!”

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