Nationwide survey reveals that 12% of LGBTQ youth attempted suicide in the past year

According to a recent nationwide survey conducted by the Trevor Project, the leading organization for suicide prevention among LGBTQ youth, it was revealed that over 10% of young individuals in the United States who identify as LGBTQ attempted suicide in 2023.

According to a news release announcing the findings, the survey examined the mental health of LGBTQ young people and received responses from 18,000 individuals aged 13 to 24.

According to the survey, a significant percentage of LGBTQ young individuals, specifically 39%, have experienced serious thoughts of suicide in the previous year. This number rises to 46% when considering transgender and nonbinary youth. Furthermore, 12% of LGBTQ youth attempted suicide within the same time frame.

According to the survey, half of LGBTQ youth who were in need of mental health care were unable to access it, despite the potential risks involved.

The Trevor Project found a strong connection between suicide risks and “anti-LGBTQ+ victimization”, including instances of bullying and political influence that targeted individuals based on their sexual or gender identity. The survey revealed that those who were bullied had significantly higher rates of attempted suicide in the past year. Additionally, a staggering 90% of respondents reported that their well-being was negatively affected by recent political events.

Dr. Ronita Nath, the Vice President of Research at the Trevor Project, emphasized the prevalence of suicidal ideation and attempts among LGBTQ+ youth in this year’s survey findings. She highlighted that many of the factors contributing to this risk are preventable and often stem from acts of victimization. Dr. Nath stressed the urgent need for adults and allies to establish more supportive and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ young individuals, enabling them to embrace their authentic selves.

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The survey conducted by the Trevor Project aimed to emphasize the connection between “reduced suicide risk and the availability of LGBTQ+-affirming spaces and experiences” for LGBTQ youth. It revealed that individuals belonging to the LGBTQ community residing in accepting environments had a significantly lower rate of suicide attempts, less than half of those living in unaccepting communities. Moreover, transgender and nonbinary individuals who had their preferred pronouns respected and had access to gender-affirming clothing and school bathrooms exhibited lower rates of suicide attempts, in comparison to those who did not have such access.

If you or someone you know is experiencing emotional distress or going through a suicidal crisis, you can contact the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. Simply call or text 988 to reach out for help. Additionally, you have the option to chat with the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline through their online platform.

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