Multiple fires are being battled by firefighters in Kansas

Several wildfires have been emerging in various locations across Kansas on Monday afternoon.

A massive wildfire is currently raging south of Lakin in Kearny County, covering a vast area. According to KSN’s John Jenkinson, the wildfire has already traveled an impressive six miles.

KSN News received a picture from Terrance Maas showcasing an aircraft actively engaged in fighting the raging flames.

According to the Kansas Forest Service, the fires rapidly intensified, prompting them to have their aircraft on standby in case they are required. Additionally, a team of KFS personnel and fire engines are currently being dispatched to address the fire in Kearny County.

A KFS employee is currently assisting in the firefighting efforts in Seward County, located approximately 10 miles east of Liberal. The dedicated firefighters have successfully managed to impede the fire’s advancement, effectively slowing its progression.

At approximately 5:25 p.m., radar detected a wildfire in the northwest region of Sumner County, located just west of Conway Springs.

Just before 5 p.m., a wildfire emerged on the boundary between Stafford and Reno counties, to the north of Turon.

A wildfire ignited in south Reno County, around 3:30 p.m. on Monday. The fire is currently located west of Pretty Prairie and south of Arlington. According to officials from Reno County, crews are actively battling a small fire west of Hutchinson.

A wildfire erupted in northeast Kingman County at approximately 3:15 p.m., situated just north of HWY 400 and northwest of Cheney. According to Kingman County officials, firefighting crews are currently battling a pasture fire located north of U.S. Highway 54 near NE 120th.

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A small wildfire seemed to have erupted in south Rice County, north of Sterling, around 3:20 p.m. However, the most recent scans indicate that the fire has likely been extinguished.

A fire was reported in McPherson County, located north of Groveland. However, it seems that the fire has been extinguished or is nearing containment.

The KSN Storm Track 3 has consistently alerted the public about the potential threat of wildfires caused by strong winds and dry weather conditions. In response to this alarming situation, Governor Laura Kelly took immediate action on Monday by declaring a state of disaster emergency. This proactive measure was necessary to address the imminent fire risks that the state is facing this week.

Fire weather warnings are expected to remain in effect across the region until 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

Meade County Fire Chief Brandon Hageman stated that his crews are currently assisting in firefighting efforts in neighboring counties.

According to the expert, when the humidity is low and the wind picks up, a seemingly extinguished fire can quickly become uncontrollable.

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