MSNBC is told by former Florida GOP Chair that Lara Trump’s RNC Makeover is ‘Nonsense’ and ‘A Very Sad Time’

Al Cardenas, the former chair of the Florida Republican Party, has strongly criticized the recent developments at the RNC. He has expressed concerns regarding the widespread layoffs and the growing influence of MAGA within the organization.

Cardenas expressed his deep disappointment with the direction the Republican Party has taken since Lara Trump became co-chair, comparing the situation to attending a somber funeral.

He remarked, “In 1854, the Republican Party came into existence, and now in 2024, we are witnessing the decline of the same party.”

But, look, the RNC, people need to understand what it does. You know, it recruits candidates. It works on voter registration, it works on turnout. It works on all the basics that a presidential campaign doesn’t have the time, the resources to get involved with. If you’re a candidate for public office in lower strata state legislature, school board, et cetera, who are you going to call? Frankly, the answer is nobody. They have — you know, they fired over 90 people. They’re moving a small squad to integrate with a presidential campaign by name only. They’re concentrating on lawyers and election fraud. We did that in Florida. We created a very same mechanism they’re trying to do nationally. And, you know what we did? We ended up with three arrests, all Republicans, in the small village of The Villages, a retirement community. This is nonsense, I mean, it’s only spending millions to perpetuate the fallacy that there was election fraud in 2020. That’s all. That’s all it is, but, you know, replacing the RNC and what it does, to me, I’ve given it 40 years of my life. It breaks my heart. It takes away a major component of getting your communities involved in the political process, and now it’s all going to be dictated from the top, and you wonder what our future will be down the ballot.

Cardenas expressed his anger on X (formerly known as Twitter) and directly addressed Republicans, stating, “Your silence and inaction is scandalous, and you are equally responsible for the direction the RNC is taking.”


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