Mom Gives Funny Reason Her Son Isn’t Allowed to Practice Recorder at Home

Learning to play the recorder is a tradition that most elementary school students go through. These small, high-pitched flutes are distributed in music class, typically during the fourth grade. When they emerge from backpacks, parents often cringe at the sound they produce. Although recorder lessons only span about a month, most families endure the intrusive noise. However, for Jessica, a mother of a young musician, it wasn’t the human members of the household who interrupted music practice. Their dog, on the other hand, despises the recorder to such an extent that she forbids their son from playing it.

Jessica, a well-prepared parent, was initially confident when her son brought home a recorder. However, her confidence quickly waned as it became apparent that her son couldn’t practice the instrument at home. Each time he tried to play the recorder, their dog would start howling. The situation was so amusing and incredible that Jessica decided to capture it in a TikTok video.

Jessica’s son can only play a few notes at a time before their family dog gets upset. The friendly dog adds its own musical touch by howling along, creating a somewhat melodious duet.

As parents, we might empathize with this situation and feel the urge to let out a howl ourselves. Unlike this unfortunate dog, we understand that the recorder sessions in music class are only temporary, lasting about a month. It remains unclear whether Jessica’s family found a way to handle their dog’s reaction to the recorder practice. They may have endured a month of listening to their dog’s vocal response, or perhaps her son struggled with the recorder section of music class.

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If you have a child in elementary school, chances are you have already experienced or will soon experience the joy (or pain) of recorder lessons. We sympathize with you as you navigate this inevitable rite of passage. And if you’re looking for a good laugh, check out this hilarious video of a dog’s reaction to the recorder. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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