Mike Tyson experiences a medical emergency during flight

Jake Paul is addressing the speculation surrounding the cancellation of their fight following Mike Tyson’s health scare.

According to Jake, individuals have a tendency to fabricate stories, but he wants to reassure his fans that the fight scheduled for July 20th is still happening. He confidently stated that “nothing has changed.”

Mike Tyson is currently in the process of recovering from a severe ulcer flare-up that occurred during a cross-country flight. The situation became so dire that the airline’s staff had to make an announcement, requesting any medical professionals on board to come forward and lend their assistance.

Tyson began to feel ill during his flight from Miami to L.A. on Saturday. The discomfort became so unbearable that the flight attendants on the American Airlines flight, which was nearing its destination at LAX, sought assistance from fellow passengers.


According to Mike’s representative, he experienced feelings of nausea and dizziness caused by a flare-up of his ulcer just half an hour before landing. He expressed gratitude towards the medical staff who provided assistance during this time.

When the plane arrived at the gate at LAX, paramedics immediately boarded and provided treatment to Tyson on the spot. This incident was first reported by In Touch Weekly.

According to Tyson’s representative, he is currently doing “great”.

Most of the passengers were apparently unaware that it was Mike who experienced the medical emergency. They simply knew that someone was in distress, as a call for a doctor or nurse appeared on all the in-seat screens before being announced over the PA system.

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According to Tyson’s representative, the flight was delayed for about two hours, but this delay was unrelated to Tyson’s condition as he was feeling fine at that time. The delay was reportedly due to a mechanical issue with the plane. However, once the plane landed, passengers had to wait for approximately 25 minutes while paramedics assessed Tyson’s condition before allowing them to disembark.

Tyson, who is 57 years old, is currently in the midst of his training for the highly anticipated boxing match scheduled for July, where he will face off against the formidable opponent, Jake Paul.

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