Michelle Troconis was found guilty in relation to Jennifer Dulos’s demise

Michelle Troconis couldn’t hold back her tears as the jury delivered their unanimous guilty verdict, after spending two whole days deliberating her case.

Jennifer Dulos was found guilty by the jury on six counts related to the death of Jennifer Farber Dulos. These counts include conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit tampering with physical evidence, tampering with physical evidence, and hindering the prosecution.

In May 2019, Jennifer Dulos vanished amidst a tumultuous divorce from Fotis Dulos, who was Troconis’s boyfriend back then.

According to prosecutors, Troconis deceived investigators regarding his whereabouts on that day by manipulating his cellphone, which he intentionally left behind to create the illusion that he was at home.

Troconis’ parents and sisters have been present in court every single day.

Prosecutors have taken action to revoke the $2.1 billion bond that was previously set for Troconis. They are requesting strict house arrest for her due to her connections abroad.

The defense argued that throughout the last four years, she consistently appeared in court and requested to keep her current bond until the sentencing.

The judge has decided to raise the bond to a staggering 6 billion dollars and has scheduled the sentencing for May 31.

Troconis’ family held each other tightly, tears streaming down their faces, as they heard the verdict.

As she cried, one of them offered her a reassuring thumbs up while she was escorted out of the courtroom by marshals.

Josie, the sister of the accused, expressed her devastation to reporters following the verdict. She firmly asserted, “Today is a truly devastating day for us because my sister is completely innocent of all the charges. We have absolute certainty in her innocence.”

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Michelle Troconis’ lawyer, Jon Schoenhorn, expressed his disagreement with the jury’s verdict, highlighting the immense devastation experienced by Michelle and her family.

In response to the jury’s verdict after six to seven weeks of evidence, he expressed his disagreement without intending to criticize their decision.

The trial has had a significant impact on Schoenhorn, causing emotional and physical strain.

“Michele is heartbroken. She received the news that her daughter was not found. The entire family is devastated,” he expressed.

According to Schoenhorn, he intends to file post-trial motions seeking acquittal. He emphasized the potential grounds for appeal, highlighting his concerns regarding the fairness of certain trial proceedings.

He commented, “I believe it’s not only about identifying the issues, but also deciding which ones to avoid arguing due to the numerous errors I perceive in this process.”

Kent Mawhinney, a close friend of Fotis Dulos and his former lawyer in a civil case, is currently awaiting trial on a charge of conspiracy to commit murder. Mawhinney has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

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