Michelle Obama hints at potential White House run: ‘I have plans to run’

Creeping forth is the act of retelling what’s already known, without offering any new information.

Years ago, before “Oppenheimer” and Robert Downey Jr.’s acclaimed performance that earned him a Golden Globe win and an Oscar nomination, the actor found himself in an awkward situation at a Santa Monica health club. Upon leaving the bathroom stall, he discovered there was no toilet paper and his nose was running. Frustrated, he held his face in disbelief.

Writer Jim Fragale pointed out that there is safety tissue in the wall for the seat.

He expressed his gratitude and quickly scooped up a handful of the items before making his exit with a playful honk.

A re-revival of an ancient Broadway show by Betty Comden and Adolph Green is making its way back onto the stage.

“Cabaret” is making yet another comeback, proving that this timeless production has surpassed even the longevity of the Statue of Liberty. The upcoming celebration of Joel Grey’s birthday at Café Carlyle, hosted by the talented Eddie Redmayne, adds to the excitement surrounding this enduring musical.

Seated like a queen in the big bay window of Michael’s was Gayle King.

Robert Downey Jr. believes that Margot Robbie deserves more recognition for her role in “Barbie” following her snub at the Oscars in 2024.

Dividing Jerusalem is an emotionally charged issue for both sides. It has not happened for decades and is unlikely to happen in the near future. The West tends to place blame on Netanyahu, but the truth is that nobody has a clear-cut solution to this complex problem.

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Harvard University is currently under scrutiny as numerous student groups have expressed their condemnation of Israel’s response to Hamas’ massacre. Furthermore, the institution is facing criticism for hosting a Palestinian speaker who has been vocal in defending Hamas.

Oscar Nominations 2024: Get a Sneak Peek at the Complete List of Nominees

I was the one who first reported on the possibility of Mrs. Obama running for the presidency. Numerous news outlets have since picked up on the story, and interestingly, the Obamas have chosen not to deny it.

According to multiple firsthand sources who had the opportunity to meet Michelle in 2022, I am confident in stating that high-level individuals in DC are denying the possibility of her candidacy.

Obama, who entered the White House with limited financial resources and left with significant wealth, has not denied this claim.

A small number of DNC donors were secretly surveyed about their thoughts on a potential Michelle candidacy. This survey is authentic and reveals the true sentiments of these donors.

Furthermore, in 2022, during her time in New York, she openly expressed her intentions to run for a position. This statement serves as a concrete confirmation of her plans.

Friends are sending their prayers for Kathy Lennon, one of the Lennon Sisters, and her husband after a terrible fall down the stairs. Although Kathy and her sister Janet have managed to continue their performances in Branson, Dianne and Peggy are no longer able to perform.

There are rumblings suggesting that North Korea could be planning an attack on South Korea. Chunky Kim, taking note of the vulnerabilities of Ukraine and Israel, may feel emboldened by the possession of nuclear weapons.

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The close relationship with Putin may encourage this, as it could divert attention away from the US and Europe’s support for Ukraine.

In a typical college conversation, one friend confidently declares their ambition to enter the diplomatic service. Curious, the other friend asks if they are interested in domestic or foreign affairs. Surprisingly, the first friend responds with a different plan altogether. They express their desire to become the president of a university.

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