Miami Beach is severing ties with spring breakers

Miami Beach has made it clear to spring breakers: “We’re done with you.”

The Florida city unveiled a fresh ad campaign on Friday, highlighting its proposed measures for enforcing stricter regulations for tourists.

Miami Beach took decisive action following two fatal shootings during spring break, which led to a state of emergency being declared. This marked the third consecutive year that emergency measures were required to manage unruly crowds. In light of these incidents, the city has now launched a social media campaign to address the ongoing issue.

The video ad features several individuals, seemingly locals, who are depicted as “breaking up” with spring breakers. It specifically addresses those tourists who prioritize public intoxication and disregarding laws over appreciating the city’s culture. Additionally, the ad includes footage of the previous year’s spring break mayhem, labeling these incidents as the community’s ultimate tipping point with regard to spring break.

Miami Beach officials have announced a series of measures to enhance safety and security in the city. These include the implementation of curfews, bag checks, restricted beach access, DUI checkpoints, and the introduction of expensive parking fees. Additionally, there will be an increase in law enforcement presence throughout the area. These measures aim to ensure the well-being of residents and visitors and maintain a safe and enjoyable environment in Miami Beach.

The city initially announced its intentions to address the issue of tourists in a news release issued in February.

These measures will be implemented every Thursday through Sunday throughout the month of March.

According to the Miami Beach website, there will be additional measures implemented to curb spring break activity on the weekends of March 7 and March 14. These measures include the closure of parking garages and the implementation of $100 parking rates. It is important to note that these parking restrictions will not apply to Miami Beach residents, access card holders, permit holders, or employees.

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According to NBC South Florida, despite the restrictions, spring break crowds were seen gathering in Miami Beach on Friday, the same day the ad campaign was launched. People online expressed doubt that the new rules would deter college students from traveling to the city.

Miami Beach Police Chief Wayne A. Jones informed NBC News’ Sam Brock that the entire police department is putting in extra hours during spring break. Jones also mentioned that drone technology would be utilized by the department to aid in enforcement.

Jones emphasized the importance of following the rules and regulations while visiting the place. He stated, “If you come here and have a good time while maintaining proper behavior, we will be pleased to welcome you again.” However, he made it clear that if anyone chooses to violate the law during their visit, they should expect to be arrested.

For years, Miami Beach has been strongly associated with spring break. However, the city has faced challenges in effectively handling rowdy tourists in recent times.

In the previous year, a Miami Beach commissioner expressed concern about the police being overwhelmed by an uncontrollable and unruly crowd, as reported by NBC News. The spring break period witnessed numerous arrests and the confiscation of several firearms.

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