Message Delivered by Donald Trump to His Attorney During Hearing

During a crucial hearing for his classified documents case, former President Donald Trump was observed exchanging messages with his attorney.

During the hearing in Florida, Trump actively engaged with his lawyers, Christopher Kise and Todd Blanche. Positioned between them, he closely followed the arguments and occasionally whispered comments or remarks to Kise or Blanche as the proceedings unfolded.

“Different moments throughout the hearing, Trump engaged in intense conversations with his defense attorney Todd Blanche,” observed Katherine Doyle of NBC News, as she described the scene at the courthouse. “Occasionally, he leaned forward towards the judge, crossing his arms, while at other times, Trump rested against the seat behind him.”

District Judge Aileen Cannon, who was appointed by Trump, is currently presiding over the Mar-a-Lago case. Trump’s legal team is arguing for the dismissal of the charges based on the Presidential Records Act (PRA), which the former president believes granted him permission to retain classified documents upon leaving the White House. However, the Justice Department is urging Judge Cannon to reject Trump’s claims and proceed with the case.

Former President Donald Trump is currently facing a total of 40 criminal charges that are directly linked to his alleged mishandling of important documents. These charges include conspiracy to obstruct justice as well as the willful retention of national defense information. Despite the gravity of these allegations, Trump has maintained his plea of not guilty and vehemently denied any form of wrongdoing.

Before the lunch break, it is reported that Trump locked eyes with Special Counsel Jack Smith, who was also present during the hearing and occasionally glanced in Trump’s direction on Thursday. Prior to the hearing, Trump had criticized Smith during a pre-recorded interview on Newsmax, referring to him as “out to murder” and “deranged”.

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During the hearing, there was a moment when Cannon and prosecuting attorney Jay Bratt were discussing the retention charge. It was observed that Trump whispered into Blanche’s ear multiple times during this exchange. Blanche, in response, reportedly chuckled or smiled.

Trump’s legal team contends that the law is not just “unconstitutionally vague,” but also fails to provide clear guidance on whether Trump’s actions were unlawful. Furthermore, they argue that the documents in question are his personal records, which he has the right to retain even after leaving the White House.

Blanche testified in court, stating that “presidents, including George Washington, have historically removed materials from the White House at their own discretion.”

Cannon expressed doubt, stating to Blanche, “It’s hard to see how this leads to the dismissal of an indictment.” She further emphasized that such claims would essentially “undermine the PRA entirely.”

“The strength of your arguments may have some weight, particularly in the context of a trial defense,” she explained.

The trial, which was originally set to start on May 20, is likely to be postponed by Cannon.

Attorney David Harback, during the prosecution’s rebuttal, firmly stated that the documents mentioned in the indictment are not personal records. He emphasized that this fact is indisputable and there is no room for debate.

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