McDonald’s losing low-income customers reveals the flaws of Bidenomics

Due to the impact of Bidenomics, individuals with lower incomes are opting to forego purchasing meals from McDonald’s as it no longer fits within their budget constraints.

Last year, the chain faced astronomically high food costs, which resulted in a significant spike in prices. For instance, a Big Mac combo meal became quite expensive, costing customers in some areas as much as $18. This year, the prices are expected to rise even further, with an anticipated increase of 2% to 3%.

Another concerning development is the declining enrollment in public schools. COVID-19 has played a major role in this decline, as many parents have opted for remote learning or alternative educational options for their children. This trend could have long-term implications for the public education system and may require innovative solutions to ensure that all students have access to quality education.

Overall, these issues highlight the complex challenges facing the Biden administration and the need for thoughtful and strategic responses.

Mickey D’s global sales are currently experiencing a slowdown, prompting CEO Chris Kempczinski to prioritize “affordability” as a means of enticing customers to return.

However, it’s not only the price of the restaurant that is causing customers to stay at home. As inflation continues to impact Americans, individuals who earn less than $45,000 annually, which has traditionally been the chain’s main customer base, are cutting back on their dining out expenses.

McDonald’s c-suite can only achieve a limited amount.

Inflation and other progressive policies create a perfect storm for increased costs.

Franchisees own individual stores and must consider local factors when determining prices. As a result, in states like Massachusetts, Vermont, California, and New York, where the minimum wage has been increased by the left, purchasing a Quarter Pounder will have a more significant impact on your wallet.

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Cali is really stepping up by increasing the minimum wage to $20 an hour. This means that there won’t be any more cheap fast food in the state.

Additionally, the left is advocating for nationwide legislation that would categorize workers at franchises as employees of the national corporation. This proposed change in the business model could lead to increased costs for consumers and the potential closure of numerous franchise locations.

One of the reasons McDonald’s is renowned is because of the many managers who began their careers by flipping burgers. Disrupting this pathway to success deals a significant blow to upward mobility in America.

Progressives often claim to have the best interests of the people at heart, but do they truly consider the consequences of their policies? It is worth questioning whether their well-intentioned efforts actually end up causing harm to the very individuals they aim to assist.

As many Americans struggle to afford even a simple night out at McDonald’s, it’s no surprise that President Biden is facing criticism in polls for his economic management.

When a Democrat is in charge, voters are discovering that their McDouble will cost twice as much.

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