Man with a Criminal Past, Who Denies Being a Pimp, Runs for Metro Sheriff – and It’s All Legal

The man aspiring to be the top cop in Henry County has a history of encounters with law enforcement.

A recent investigation by Channel 2 Action News has revealed that Cornell “CJ” Madison, despite having a history of multiple arrests, is still eligible to run for sheriff, even while on probation.

When you observe Madison, you will notice certain qualities that you would typically expect from a candidate running for sheriff. These include a significant amount of experience in law enforcement, a track record of successful drug busts, and positive feedback from others.

He is running a campaign that prioritizes transparency and aims to address the issue of violence within the Henry County Jail.

Channel 2’s Michael Doudna discovered that there are concerns about past arrests involving an alleged attempt to hire an undercover cop as a prostitute and a DUI arrest while in the company of a stripper.

According to state law, he is abiding by the regulations and is eligible to run for office.

Channel 2 Action News managed to obtain a video capturing the 2019 DUI arrest, which eventually led to his dismissal from the city of South Fulton Police Department.

He was rehired in Butts County months later.

He now claims to have learned from his past errors and is prepared to take charge as the Sheriff of Henry County.

“I have to admit, the state of Georgia has given me the opportunity to serve as a police officer, even as a chief of police, and as a Marine defending our constitution,” Madison expressed. “We all have moments where we make foolish mistakes in challenging circumstances,” he added.

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In addition to the recent arrest caught on camera, it is worth noting that this is not the first incident involving Madison. Back in 2007, he was arrested in Las Vegas after an undercover police officer reported that Madison had identified himself as a pimp and attempted to recruit her as a prostitute.

According to Madison, he clarified that he was not involved in any pimping activities.

According to the documents, Madison requested the undercover officer to make $1,500 per night and contribute $1,300 to him, all the while providing her with advice on evading police detection.

Madison presented evidence indicating that the case has been sealed.

When Doudna asked Madison about the incident, Madison replied, “I’m sorry, but I can’t discuss that because I’m bound by the judge’s orders.”

Madison, despite having a charge on his record, was granted the opportunity to serve as a law enforcement officer in Georgia.

“People are prone to making mistakes because they are human, but it’s important to give them an opportunity to demonstrate their growth and change,” emphasized Chris Harvey, Deputy Director of Georgia’s Peace Officers and Training Council.

Madison’s certification was approved, but only under the condition that he would be placed on probation.

Madison later found herself in trouble with the law once again.

In 2019, Madison was discovered by College Park officers after he had collided with three cars and was speaking incoherently.

The arresting officer on body camera asked Madison, “I can smell alcohol. So, how much do you think you had to drink tonight?”

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Madison admitted to having consumed two drinks.

Madison was accompanied by a woman who was not his wife.

Madison openly confessed to Doudna that, indeed, the woman in question was a stripper.

Madison denied being drunk that night, despite the video evidence suggesting otherwise.

“I watched the video, and it’s clear that I was hit by an airbag. I admit that I made some outlandish statements, but it was because I was feeling nervous. I acknowledge that I was in the wrong company at that time. The people I was with were intoxicated, and the vehicle reeked of alcohol. However, I want to clarify that I was not under the influence myself,” Madison explained.

Madison was initially charged with DUI by the police. However, records indicate that the charge was ultimately dismissed as part of a plea deal.

Madison confidently asserted that if the court declares her innocent, she is indeed innocent.

The South Fulton Police Department ultimately terminated Madison’s employment. Following his dismissal, the POST imposed a four-year probation on Madison in 2022.

Madison began her career in Butts County before working her way up to the position of assistant police chief in Molena.

Even though Madison is still on probation for another year, Georgia law doesn’t prohibit him or anyone else from running for the position of sheriff.

According to Harvey, Georgia law does not consider it a hindrance or disqualification for a candidate to have a criminal record. He believes that the decision to run for office is ultimately up to the candidate and the voters.

Madison decided to have a conversation with Doudna in order to be transparent, as he has been questioned about it during his campaign.

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