Man from Georgia escapes capture after breaking into New York chicken restaurant, apprehended by authorities a few days later

A man from Georgia was apprehended in New York following accusations of breaking into a chicken restaurant located in the southern part of the state. It seems that his intentions went beyond satisfying a late-night craving.

The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office shared on its Facebook page surveillance photos of a man captured inside Curly’s Chicken House restaurant in Horseheads, New York, on the night of May 26th.

The man allegedly entered the establishment by breaking through a window located near the pick-up counter. Once inside, he attempted to steal money from the cash register.

According to deputies, he had to leave the register drawer behind as it didn’t fit into the backpack he was wearing.

In the video, it was observed that the man not only broke the window to enter the restaurant but also proceeded to steal several other items before making his escape through the same broken window.

According to a post on the sheriff’s office’s Facebook page, the suspect incurred a deep cut upon entering the building, resulting in heavy bleeding.

Upon coming across the post shared by the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement officials in Elmira swiftly located and apprehended the individual in question.

During the investigation, Christopher Brown, a 22-year-old suspect, was interviewed by the sheriff’s investigators. It was during this interrogation that he admitted to committing the burglary.

Brown faces charges of third-degree burglary, although authorities have not disclosed his place of residence in Georgia.

He was allowed to go free on his own accord and was instructed to return to court on a different occasion. The sheriff’s office mentioned the possibility of Brown facing further charges.

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