Man, 35, survives grizzly bear attack in national park encounter with 2 bears

A man of 35 years old has suffered severe injuries in a terrifying bear attack after unintentionally coming across two grizzly bears in Wyoming, as confirmed by officials.

On Sunday afternoon, a sudden attack took place in the area of the Signal Mountain Summit Road. The Teton Interagency Dispatch received a report from a 35-year-old male visitor from Massachusetts who had been “seriously injured” by a bear. The National Park Service released a press release on Monday providing details about the attack.

Officials stated that rangers from Grand Teton National Park and Teton County Search and Rescue team swiftly arrived at the scene to offer immediate medical assistance. The injured individual was then airlifted by helicopter to an awaiting ambulance and subsequently transported to St. John’s Hospital.

According to the injured visitor’s initial reports and the ongoing investigation at the site, law enforcement rangers and park biologists have determined that the incident involved a “surprise encounter with two grizzly bears, resulting in one of the bears making contact with and injuring the visitor.”

The park officials have chosen not to disclose the details surrounding the incident or the man’s method of self-defense. However, they have confirmed that the victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, sustained injuries but is now in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery.

Due to the recent weekend attack, access to the Signal Mountain Summit Road and Signal Mountain Trail has been temporarily suspended for public safety.

Park officials used the opportunity to educate people on the measures to avoid conflicts between humans and bears in the wilderness.

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Authorities strongly advise against leaving food unattended unless it is securely stored. It is crucial to maintain a clean camp and follow all food storage regulations. All items that might attract bears, such as coolers, cooking equipment, pet food, and toiletries, should be kept inside a bear-resistant food locker or a vehicle with closed windows.

Park officials issued a reminder to visitors about the importance of storing garbage in a bear-resistant dumpster until it can be properly disposed of. Additionally, they emphasized the need to refrain from eating or cooking inside tents and to never keep food or other scented items stored inside.

The National Park Service advises people to maintain a safe distance from bears by giving them adequate space. It is recommended to stay at least 100 yards away from these animals.

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