L’Jarius Sneed Expected to Stay with Kansas City Chiefs Amid Rumored Trade to Titans, Reports Indicate

The Kansas City Chiefs recently made a trade with the Tennessee Titans involving cornerback L’Jarius Sneed. However, a Chiefs insider has made an intriguing observation about Sneed nearly a week after the trade was reported. The trade seemed to have resulted in the Chiefs clearing a significant amount of cap space, specifically $19.8 million.

The Kansas City Chiefs applied the franchise tag to Sneed

The Chiefs decided to use the franchise tag on Sneed at the beginning of the offseason and allowed him to explore trade options. However, concerns were raised about the Chiefs’ decision to apply the franchise tag once news of the potential trade came out.

But did the trade go through?

L’Jarius Sneed isn’t on the Tennessee Titans online official roster

According to Pete Sweeney from Arrowhead Pride, as of Friday morning, Sneed is still officially listed as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs on their website. However, he is not on the roster of the Tennessee Titans website. This has led to speculation among fans online that Sneed may not have passed a physical examination, which is required to finalize the trade.

Sneed reportedly signed a new contract with the Titans

Sneed’s affiliation with the Titans was not only evident in the trade report, but also in the news of his newly agreed contract. According to reports, Sneed has signed a lucrative deal with the Titans, worth $76 million for the next four seasons.

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The Titans and Chiefs are expected to resolve this matter soon, bringing much-needed clarity. Sneed’s trade has emerged as one of the noteworthy narratives of this offseason for the reigning Super Bowl champions.

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