Lauren Boebert withdraws request for permanent restraining order against ex-husband

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has decided to retract her request for a permanent restraining order against her ex-husband, Jayson Boebert. The Republican representative for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District had made appearances in a Garfield County courtroom on two occasions, but the proceedings were postponed until Monday as Jayson Boebert failed to show up.

Lauren Boebert had asked for a permanent restraining order after a temporary protection order for domestic abuse was issued on Feb. 2. This came shortly after Jayson Boebert’s arrest in two separate incidents. However, on Monday, the judge dismissed the case related to the permanent restraining order.

Just before 8 p.m. on January 6, an incident involving Jayson Boebert occurred at a restaurant in Silt, Colorado. The incident involved his ex-wife and has resulted in three charges against Jayson Boebert: disorderly conduct, third-degree trespass, and obstruction of a peace officer.

Around 1 a.m. on January 9th, another incident occurred at a residence outside Silt. This time, it involved Jayson Boebert’s 18-year-old son. The son called the authorities after being allegedly assaulted and threatened by his father, who also grabbed a rifle during the altercation. As a result, Jayson Boebert is now facing charges of prohibited use of weapons, harassment, and third-degree assault for this particular incident.

Their divorce was officially concluded in October of the previous year.

Tyler Boebert, the 18-year-old son of Lauren Boebert and Jayson Boebert, was taken into custody last month in Colorado in connection with a series of alleged property thefts and vehicle trespasses. The Rifle Police Department in Colorado announced on their Facebook page that Tyler Boebert was apprehended at around 2:30 p.m. last Tuesday. He is now facing five felony charges, which consist of four counts of criminal possession of identification documents and one count of conspiracy to commit a felony.

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During the court hearing on Monday, new information came to light regarding Tyler Boebert’s relationship with his father, Jayson Boebert. It was revealed that Tyler had taken the step of filing a protection order against his father. The judge carefully outlined the conditions of the protection order, which included directives such as refraining from making threats or engaging in harassment, surrendering any weapons or firearms, and abstaining from alcohol consumption. Notably, there were no restrictions placed on contact between the two parties. Jayson Boebert agreed to abide by the terms of the protection order, and as a result, the judge granted it. It is worth mentioning that Tyler Boebert is currently residing with his father, a fact that was highlighted by his defense attorney during the court proceedings.

Lauren Boebert, a Republican representative from Colorado’s 3rd District, is currently serving her second term. However, she has recently made an announcement stating that she will be running in Colorado Congressional District 4. This decision comes as a result of her anticipation of a challenging reelection campaign.

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