Latest Weather Update in Alabama: 3 p.m. Report


The NWS Birmingham expresses concern over the possibility of tonight’s storms causing damaging winds, hail, and even a tornado between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. There is a chance, albeit conditional, that any strong updrafts that form could result in severe weather, including a tornado. However, the HRRR model does not indicate strong updraft tracks. Stay updated on the weather later this evening. Scott Martin will be monitoring and posting updates overnight. We will provide a post around 10 p.m. before bedtime. Make sure to keep your weather alert sources active and easily accessible overnight.


The afternoon in Alabama is warm with a mix of sunshine and clouds.

The Ohio Valley is currently experiencing active weather, with a severe thunderstorm and a tornado watch in effect.

The SPC plans to upgrade the Day One forecast to a Moderate Risk in approximately 15 minutes. Their main concern lies in the potential for strong tornadoes in southeastern Missouri. As the system progresses, there is a possibility of a significant high wind threat in areas including northern Arkansas, northwestern Tennessee, southern Illinois, and western Kentucky.

According to the HRRR forecast, storms are expected to arrive in Northwest Alabama at approximately 2:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, following midnight tonight.

Arriving at the I-59 Corridor slightly before 6 a.m., their appearance suggests a lack of strength.

In the afternoon, a few storms are expected to form in the southern region of Alabama. However, the overall likelihood of storm activity appears to be relatively low. Based on the assessment by the SPC, there is a slight risk (2/5) of storms in southeastern and southeastern Alabama tomorrow. It is anticipated that the I-20 Corridor will remain dry, with the exception of some morning showers.

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Then, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday appear to be free of precipitation and are expected to be warm.

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