KHP official discusses speeding difficulties on Kansas highways: “Way too many people going way too fast.”

A high-ranking Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) official recently took part in an exclusive interview with 27 News, discussing the issue of motorists engaging in excessive speeding on the state’s highways.

In a recent interview with KSNT 27 News Anchor David George, KHP Captain Candice Breshears discussed the current challenges that law enforcement is addressing on Kansas’ highways. According to Breshears, one of the primary concerns is the issue of speeding, which has become increasingly pressing for the KHP.

According to Breshears, speed has been a prominent issue for a considerable period of time. The Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) has been diligently monitoring and attempting to enforce speed limits as there is an alarming number of drivers exceeding the speed limits on highways.

In the interview, the aftermath of high-speed crashes caused by speeding and the impact on people’s lives were emphasized. Breshears pointed out the staggering number of speeding citations issued by the KHP since 2020, which reached 200,000. Among these, 12,000 were given to individuals driving at speeds exceeding 100 mph. The wreckage left behind and the consequences of such crashes serve as a stark reminder of the dangers of speeding.

According to Breshears, it is crucial for individuals to exercise caution and reduce their speed while driving in order to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Traveling above the speed limit not only endangers other motorists on Kansas highways but also poses a threat to KHP troopers as they carry out their duties. Breshears highlighted several instances where troopers narrowly avoided being hit or sustained injuries due to speeding vehicles. He shared a recent incident in Wichita where a trooper had a close call with a head-on collision.

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According to Breshears, the KHP has plans to increase the number of troopers on the roads during Spring Break to ensure the enforcement of traffic laws. Additionally, the law enforcement agency is actively seeking to hire more personnel in 2024. For more information on available positions with the KHP, you can click here.

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