Kentucky Ranks Among the Most Disliked States in the United States

Kentucky seems to have lost its appeal among both its residents and others.

People generally have a sense of pride in their place of origin. It is not uncommon to encounter friendly or sometimes not-so-friendly competition between states, with individuals claiming that one state is superior to another for various reasons. On the other hand, there are those who genuinely dislike the state they reside in due to factors such as limited job prospects, high cost of living, or lack of recreational activities. A recent survey aimed to identify the most despised states in America, and surprisingly, Kentucky found itself among them.

Recently, Zippia, a website, conducted a study to determine the most hateable states based on three key metrics.

    • The percentage of residents who say the state is the “worst possible state to live in”
    • The states with the biggest decrease in population
    • Nationwide, the number of other states who say they hate a state the most

Illinois has been identified as the most disliked state in the United States when considering various metrics. Surprisingly, Kentucky also ranks among the top 10 most disliked states. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this sentiment.

Kentucky Ranked as One of the Most Hated States in America

According to Zippia, Kentucky has been ranked as the tenth most hated state in the country. The reasons behind this sentiment are not entirely clear, but it seems that both its residents and neighboring states share a dislike for Kentucky. Here is what Zippia had to say about the state.

Population Decrease: -0.02%
Percentage of residents who consider it the worst state: 6%
States that dislike it: 2

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When people think of Kentucky, they often associate it with its renowned bourbon and horse racing. However, the neighboring states of Tennessee and Indiana hold a different opinion and view Kentucky unfavorably. In fact, 6% of Kentucky’s population understands their sentiment.

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