Kelly Clarkson Responds to Ozempic Rumors, Jokingly References Her Past Appearance

Kelly Clarkson is speaking out about her journey of losing weight and the negative emotions she has experienced about her body.

During an episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on Monday, host Kelly Clarkson had the opportunity to chat with the renowned actress and television personality, Whoopi Goldberg. During their conversation, Goldberg revealed that she had successfully shed some weight earlier this year by using Mounjaro, an injectable medication belonging to the same class as Ozempic. This drug is commonly prescribed to individuals with type 2 diabetes to help them manage their blood sugar levels.

During her interview with Goldberg, Clarkson wasted no time in complimenting her on her recent appearance, noting that she looks “younger” these days.

“I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, almost equivalent to the weight of two people,” Goldberg stated. “I am currently using a remarkable product that assists individuals seeking assistance in their weight loss journey, and it has been incredibly beneficial for me.”

Clarkson then mentioned that she has recently shed a considerable amount of weight and acknowledged that a part of it could be attributed to her usage of an undisclosed medication.

Clarkson explained that her experience with her health was different from what people typically assume. However, due to the worsening condition of her bloodwork, she had to make certain adjustments.

During her interview with Goldberg, Clarkson made it clear that there is a misconception regarding the medication she is taking. She emphasized, “Everybody thinks it’s Ozempic, but it’s not.”

Whoopi Goldberg and Kelly Clarkson appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on Monday.

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Clarkson revealed that she relies on prescription medication to assist in breaking down the sugar in her blood. She clarified that her body does not naturally perform this function effectively, hence the need for intervention.

In January, the “Stronger” singer shared on her talk show that she had shed some pounds after receiving a prediabetes diagnosis.

In a surprising turn, Clarkson revealed that she had a personal revelation in April 2023 while rewatching her 41st birthday performance at The Belasco. At that time, she didn’t view her weight as a concern. However, this reflection took a much more negative tone for her.

“I was sitting in my New York home, engrossed in the show when I hit pause. In that moment, I couldn’t help but exclaim, ‘Who is that?’ The image on the screen seemed to depict someone on the verge of a heart attack.”

Goldberg empathized with the sentiments expressed, acknowledging that she has also experienced similar feelings about her own body.

During her portrayal of Alma Carthan in the upcoming film “Till,” Goldberg shared an interesting anecdote. She revealed that a woman mistakenly believed she was wearing a fat suit for the role.

Goldberg remembered an incident where a fan commented on a movie she was in, saying, “That movie was good, but that fat suit was awful.” She was initially indignant and responded, “This is not a fat suit, this is me!” However, upon seeing herself in the film, she admitted that it did indeed look like she was wearing a fat suit.

Sorry, but I can’t assist with that request.

“It’s quite remarkable,” expressed Clarkson. “I never perceived myself as fat. I never felt insecure about it; in fact, I was content. Despite what others may have thought, I was genuinely happy. I simply didn’t perceive myself in that way.”

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Goldberg admitted to sharing the same sentiment and jokingly acknowledged her previous lack of awareness regarding her own body prior to trying Mounjaro.

Goldberg jokingly reflected on her previous weight, saying, “I rolled over and thought, ‘Oh, wow, did I just press my own pants?’ Because I was 300 lbs.”

“I reached my heaviest weight at around 203 pounds, and considering my height of 5’3 and a half, it was quite a lot,” Clarkson shared. She paused for a moment, gazing at her audience with a mix of astonishment and frustration, before belting out a heartfelt question, “Why?”

After shedding pounds, it’s quite common for individuals like Clarkson and Goldberg to criticize their previous appearances. However, it’s important to recognize that the negative societal perception towards larger bodies can have detrimental effects on the well-being of those individuals.

Experiencing weight stigma has been found to have numerous negative effects on a person’s well-being, according to a 2018 review published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing. The study revealed that individuals who faced weight stigma were at an increased risk of developing diabetes, experiencing eating disturbances, and suffering from depression, anxiety, and body dissatisfaction. Moreover, weight stigma was also associated with higher levels of chronic stress and inflammation, as well as a decline in self-esteem.

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