Kansas City shooting victim considers defamation lawsuit, calls for apology from Missouri senators

Sen. Rick Brattin, from Harrisonville, spoke to reporters alongside his fellow Freedom Caucus members, Sen. Denny Hoskins of Warrensburg and Sen. Bill Eigel.

Right-wing politicians who refuse to apologize for falsely identifying Denton Loudermill as the shooter responsible for a death and nearly two dozen injuries at the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory parade will be held accountable for spreading misinformation, according to Loudermill and his legal advocate in an interview with The Independent.

Bootheel businessman and lifelong Democrat Barry Aycock has expressed his willingness to cover the legal expenses if Loudermill requires it.

Living in fear and facing stares, Loudermill, a father of three and lifelong Chiefs fan from Olathe, Kansas, experiences the daily challenges of his situation.

Loudermill expressed her fear of leaving her house, sharing her concern about the possibility of someone entering her home. She acknowledged that some individuals may not recognize her innocence.

Denton Loudermill, a resident of Olathe, Kansas, found himself wrongly accused by conservatives on social media of being a shooter at the Kansas City Chiefs victory celebration. He shared a submitted photo to clear his name.

He was released shortly after and has not faced any charges.

The misinformation began to spread rapidly, gaining traction through various channels. It appeared in posts from the Missouri Freedom Caucus, a group of six Republican state senators who have been causing disruptions on the Senate floor while feuding with the GOP leadership. In addition, three of these senators also shared the incorrect information on social media, including the Deep Truth Intel post featuring Loudermill’s photo or a similar post.

During a recent press conference held by the Freedom Caucus, state Sen. Rick Brattin of Harrisonville expressed his stance on the matter, stating that he and his fellow colleagues who disseminated the inaccurate information felt no need for an apology.

When questioned about whether he intended to apologize, Brattin responded, “There’s nothing that I see even worth that. We’ve done nothing and, you know, I have no comment.”

Loudermill and the attorney who has been assisting him in clearing his name were infuriated by the complete refusal to apologize or acknowledge any wrongdoing.

Both parties acknowledge that a defamation lawsuit may be the only viable option, and discussions regarding this matter have already begun.

LaRonna Lassiter Saunders, a legal advocate working with Loudermill, shared, “We have already received inquiries from prominent figures in the legal industry.”

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According to Lassiter Saunders, individuals who utilized social media to disseminate or amplify the posts containing false accusations could potentially be held accountable as defendants.

According to her, sharing misinformation can lead to potential defamation lawsuits.

In an interview with The Independent, Aycock expressed his shock at how quickly the tarnishing of Loudermill’s reputation took place. Aycock, who hails from Parma and is the founder of the thriving farm consulting firm AgXplore, describes himself as semi-retired on his LinkedIn profile. Although he has contemplated running for political office as a Democrat in the past, he has yet to embark on an official campaign.

Lassiter Saunders believes that offering apologies can help lessen the negative impact on his reputation.

“I believe that some people may advise against apologizing because it may imply admitting liability, but I have a different perspective,” she asserted. “In my opinion, it is perfectly acceptable to express sincere regret for what happened. By doing so, we acknowledge the situation and show empathy. However, simply taking a defensive stance and refusing to acknowledge any responsibility takes it to another level.”

When asked about the situation on Wednesday, State Sen. Denny Hoskins, one of the members of the Freedom Caucus who shared the Deep Truth Intel post, chose not to apologize.

Hoskins declined to provide any comment on the Denton Loudermill tweets and the associated situation.

What they said

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After the initial social media post, the Missouri Freedom Caucus and three state Senators who are members quickly shared their own versions.

Hoskins cautiously expressed his views, suggesting that if the information provided is accurate, it would support the conservative stance of curbing immigration and restricting cities that offer assistance to immigrants. He attributed the rise in crime to what he referred to as the “catch and release policies of liberal cities.”

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During an interview, Hoskins expressed his belief that undocumented immigrants pose a significant threat.

According to Hoskins, he strongly believes in the importance of ensuring that illegal immigrants, particularly those who are violent criminals, are not present in the state. He emphasizes the need to incarcerate repeat offenders who pose a threat to society.

Brattin’s initial post, which connects Loudermill to the shooting, can still be found online. The post urges the President to take action and close the border. It was originally made in response to the now-deleted Deep Truth Intel post.

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Sen. Nick Schroer, a Republican from Defiance, expressed the least certainty regarding the immigration and arrest status of Loudermill among the members of Missouri Freedom Caucus.

Burchett has deleted that post since then.

Schroer, on X, inquired about the possibility of obtaining confirmation or denial of the situation from local officials or law enforcement. He added that he had received videos and still images that depicted the arrest of at least six individuals, but was informed officially that only three were still being held. Schroer emphasized the importance of providing the public with answers to their inquiries.

Burchett’s initial post may no longer be available, but a screenshot of it can still be seen in a post shared by the congressman on February 19th.

In a recent post, I was made aware of an error regarding the identification of one of the shooters as an illegal alien. It was brought to my attention that multiple news reports had inaccurately stated this information. I want to clarify that I have since removed the post to rectify this mistake.

The Missouri Freedom Caucus also attempted to retrace its steps by sharing a KMBC post about Loudermill’s endeavor to clear his name.

According to a post, Denton is a proud Chiefs fan, a father of three, and a native of Olathe. The post emphasizes that he is not a mass shooter and clarifies that the images of him being detained at the Chiefs rally were due to his intoxication and failure to move away from the crime scene. Denton simply wants to clear his name.

What’s next

A GoFundMe campaign has been initiated to raise funds for Loudermill’s cause, with $1,500 already raised out of the $15,000 goal. The funds will be utilized to assist in the removal of false information and to improve Loudermill’s online reputation, according to Lassiter Saunders.

“That’s a full day’s work every day,” she remarked.

Lassiter Saunders is currently in the process of putting together a legal team for Loudermill to regain his reputation in court. Although she has received interest from several lawyers who specialize in defamation cases, Lassiter Saunders is carefully considering her options for potential representation.

“We are definitely open to speaking with a firm that has significant experience in defamation,” she said.

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According to her, the apologies from both Burchett and the Freedom Caucus do not adequately address the issue. She believes that Burchett’s new post, which simply re-shares his original post without clarifying that Loudermill was not the shooter, is almost as problematic as the original post itself.

According to Lassiter Saunders, the Freedom Caucus post fails to acknowledge its role in spreading false images online. Furthermore, this lack of acknowledgment means that the post does not serve as an apology.

According to the speaker, it is a sad day when elected representatives, who are supposed to represent the American people, allow one of their own citizens to be smeared without taking any action or even uttering two simple words. This lack of support and involvement in addressing the issue is disheartening.

Loudermill emphasized that the crucial aspect at this juncture is to offer an apology and recognize that he was not involved in the shootings.

He is seeking accountability.

Loudermill expressed the belief that individuals who have made statements or shared content should be held responsible for their actions.

According to Lassiter Saunders, the spread of false information will make it increasingly challenging for Loudermill.

According to Lassiter Saunders, a crucial aspect of the social media campaign is to identify the individuals behind the initial posts, trace the origin of the photo, and determine who has subsequently shared the false information.

She emphasized that every time you share this misinformation, it can potentially lead to legal consequences, as it could be considered defamation.

Loudermill expressed his deep sadness and sorrow over the tragic loss of Lopez-Galvan’s life and the injuries sustained by other individuals, including innocent children who were caught in the midst of the crossfire. Despite facing his own challenges, he couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of heartbreak.

Loudermill expressed his condolences to the families affected by the tragedy, with a special mention to the family of the young lady who lost her life. He extended his sympathies to everyone involved, acknowledging the difficult situation they were facing.

The Missouri Independent reports that a man who was mistakenly accused in a Kansas City shooting is considering filing a defamation lawsuit. He is also demanding an apology from the senators of Missouri.

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