Kansas Attorney General informs Kansas University Chancellor that the demands made by protestors are against the law

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach has informed the University of Kansas Chancellor that the demands put forth by protestors on the campus are illegal and cannot be fulfilled.

President Biden responded to the escalating protests on college campuses in a statement issued on Thursday morning, May 2. The president’s remarks came in the wake of a Pro-Palestinian encampment being dismantled by police at UCLA overnight. It is worth noting that the Pro-Palestinian Movement at the University of Kansas campus remains ongoing.

Chants of “Palestine is not for sale. We will not stop, we will not fail.” filled the air as demonstrators rallied on Thursday.

The KU protestors are feeling a surge of momentum as they enter their second day of protests, and they have no intention of slowing down.

“I believe there is genuine excitement among everyone as Kansas takes a step forward in starting a dialogue about a free Palestine,” expressed Mya H., a passionate protestor.

According to protestors, the majority of people have been supportive and have generously donated supplies and funds for legal assistance in case of arrests. However, there have been instances where some individuals have displayed hostility towards the cause.

According to protestor J, the only instance of violence witnessed at the camp was when a Zionist agitator entered and caused disturbance by knocking over supplies and harassing people.

Protesters couldn’t confirm if the attacker in question was a Zionist, but they claim to have witnessed similar attacks on other campuses. President Biden, in a speech, acknowledged the ongoing nationwide protests occurring at college campuses and urged for an end to violence.

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“I recognize that individuals have strong emotions and deeply held beliefs. In the United States, we value and uphold the right for people to express themselves, but that doesn’t mean there are no limits. It is crucial that such expressions are carried out peacefully, without causing harm, without fostering animosity, and within the boundaries of the law,” stated Biden.

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach declared on Thursday that the University of Kansas is prohibited by state law from fulfilling the demands put forth by pro-Hamas protesters. In response to a nationwide protest held on Wednesday, he addressed a letter to KU Chancellor Doug Girod and the members of the Kansas Board of Regents.

Kobach’s letter criticizes the protesters for their lack of research and describes their views as reprehensible. He expresses his hope that the protesters will not be given any recognition or support.

AG Kobach highlighted that the protesters at KU have been calling for the university to sever its financial connections with Israel. However, it is important to note that the state legislature has already made a definitive decision on this matter.

“The University of Kansas is known for its rich traditions, but it does not align itself with bloodthirsty and antisemitic terrorists. In a letter, Kobach emphasized the importance of upholding all university rules and regulations to ensure that the educational mission remains undisturbed. He also emphasized that the taxpayers of Kansas deserve nothing less than the best from KU.”

A group that peacefully gathered on the KU campus made several demands. They called for divestment, financial transparency regarding the use of endowment money, and amnesty. Additionally, they advocated for the “demilitarization” of the Lawrence, Kan., Police Department.

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Jewish students congregated on the opposite end of the lawn, taking a stand against antisemitism and emphasizing the coexistence of Jewish people and Palestinians throughout history. They aimed to dispel the notion of violence and promote understanding.

KU’s spokesperson has been contacted by KCTV5 for comment, but no response has been received yet.

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