Joy Behar Defends Kelly Clarkson by Stating That Nobody Chooses to Be Overweight

In a candid moment, Joy Behar openly expressed her support for Kelly Clarkson’s decision to use weight loss drugs. She firmly stated that nobody wants to carry excess weight that they do not need. Behar’s statement reflects a common sentiment shared by many individuals who believe in maintaining a healthy body weight.

During the latest episode of “The View,” the discussion turned to Kelly’s admission about using medication to achieve significant weight loss. Whoopi Goldberg highlighted the fact that Kelly seems to face criticism regardless of her actions or words.

During the discussion, the hosts exchanged views on whether Kelly should have been more open about her weight loss journey from the beginning. Eventually, Joy spoke up and delivered a straightforward truth.

Joy agreed with Whoopi’s perspective and shared her own personal experience, stating, “I’ve come to realize that diets are not effective. It’s a constant cycle of losing weight and then gaining it all back.”

In full agreement, she expressed her support for utilizing weight loss medications, straightforwardly stating, “No one desires to be overweight unless they are a sumo wrestler. It’s uncomfortable, clothing doesn’t fit properly, and everyone wants to shed pounds.”


Sara Haines, on the other hand, joined the conversation to share her frustration. She clarified that she wasn’t singling out Kelly, but she was definitely among those who were annoyed with celebrities who claimed to have lost weight solely through “walking or fasting” without acknowledging any additional assistance.

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Weight loss drugs have become a hot topic of discussion lately, with everyone having their own opinions and perspectives on the matter.


Kelly admits that she began using it out of necessity, but regardless, she looks phenomenal. She embraces herself and stays true to who she is.

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